Monday Matchup: Pilot Falcon & Platinum Carbon Black

It’s that time of the week again! Today, we bring you Monday Matchup featuring the Pilot Falcon inked with Platinum Carbon Black. This dynamic duo is a win-win in our book — you can’t help but love it.

Don’t let the artwork fool you. It might look like a photograph, but it’s really another fascinating drawing done by Joe O. When brainstorming, Joe started thinking about the element Carbon. As he was reflecting back on his chemistry and geology classes, he remembered the molecule Buckminsterfullerene. Ultimately, this led him to Buckminster Fuller, a neo-futuristic architect and inventor, and his trademark geodesic domes, one being the Dymaxion car he invented.

Hope you enjoy this matchup and your Monday!

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  • Freddy


  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    I know, right?! I'm always in awe of the art Joe produces! -Alex Ross

  • TJ

    Whoa! Maybe I shouldn't let this ink sit in my Wish List much longer. What kind of paper did you use Joe? Wonderful work.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    You definitely shouldn't 😉 He used the Stillman & Birn Zeta Series Sketchbook. He loves it and highly recommends!

  • David Thompson

    Very, very well done. One of my life goals is to do art like this, with my own style, of course. 🙂

  • Chemicalfencer

    I've never seen a bucky ball in a piece of art. The whole thing is amazing!!! I'm with nado, a video or time-lapse would be very welcoming.

  • aaronwest

    Wow, that is really awesome artwork by Joe. It'd be great if you guys recorded (from overhead) him putting this together and created a time lapse video to showcase.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    We've talked about that! It would make a great reel 🙂 Hopefully we'll be able to do something like it soon!

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    You can do it!

  • Melanie Evans

    OH how I wish I could draw like that. I LOVE line drawings & black and white pen and ink. Beautiful!

  • Mark

    I'm curious how well that ink behaved in the extra fine. I've been hesitating for the last month over whether to get the fine or extra fine. I'd use it exclusively with the Platinum Carbon Black, which might be a little sluggish for that small of a nib, I'd think? I'd like some input.

  • Mark

    Oh, and great work as always, Joe!

  • alice


  • Norman Donald Shechner

    I'm really impressed

  • Jules

    What a gorgeous drawing…it really shows what the ink can do (in the right hands, of course). Beautiful work!

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Joe really does make ink look good!

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Joe is constantly impressing us — each week I'm blown away by what he does! We are so lucky to have him as part of our team.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    I think it'd actually work really well with the EF nib. I've found the Platinum Carbon Black to be a pretty wet and good flowing ink — one of the reasons why it's a favorite! I've used it with a Falcon (Fine) and never had issues, so I think it'd perform just as well with the EF.

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    I'll let him know 🙂 Thanks!