When shooting my video on the Goulet Grip last week, I finally ‘figured out’ the best way to break down the Platinum Cool/Balance, all the way to the nib and feed. It’s definitely not like most other pens! So I broke it out in a little more detail in this video.

I’d initially done a series of videos on the Platinum Cool when the pen first came out in 2013, but for whatever reason I hadn’t really figured out how to break down the whole pen. But I figure it’s better late than never, so here’s how to do it if you’re curious.

You’ll notice that I threw the Platinum Balance in the title, as well. That’s because the Balance and the Cool are designed identically, it’s just the body and trim color that are different. The breakdown is still the same for both pens.

You can learn more details and specifications on the Platinum Cool and Balance at GouletPens.com.

Write On,
Brian Goulet