This week’s Monday Matchup is somewhat unconventional, but a unique and fun pairing all the same. One of our newest pen additions, the Sheaffer Sagaris in Gloss Wine, is paired with Pelikan Brilliant Red ink. Although the Sagaris we chose is burgundy in color, we wanted to showcase a different red ink that was unique and would hopefully surprise you.

All the below work was done by Joe O. Joe didn’t use the Sagaris to create these images, but he had it in mind as he worked with the ink and decided they’d make a good pair.

Lately Joe has been experimenting with a syringe, making ink droplets on paper. Joe was more methodical about how he watered it down the ink. He created a scale of 9 values to work with, ranging from pure ink at the high end of the scale and a nearly clear mixture of water and ink on the lowest end.

Here’s a little time-lapse video of Joe creating his ink droplets:

As for the image of Bill Murray below, Joe was reminded of the psychomagnothermic ooze or “mood slime” that flowed beneath the streets of New York in the movie, ‘Ghost Busters II’. So with the syringe, the scaled ink, some correction fluid, and an image of the great Bill Murray, he went to work.

Hope y’all have a happy Monday!