It’s a beautiful Monday here in Ashland, Virginia. The skies are clear and blue, the air is cool, and it feels perfectly fall. It’s already a great start to the week and we’ll add to it with some Monday Match-up.

This week we channeled our inner Brian Goulet and choose his favorite pen, the Pilot Custom 74 in blue with medium nib, and paired it with a true blue, Caran d’Ache Idyllic Blue. This is a bona fide Goulet combo, folks. The Custom 74 is smooth to write with, like a sailboat floating across glassy water early in the morning. And the Idyllic Blue ink has incredible flow, working seamlessly with the pen. It offers some light shading, but is overall a vibrant hue.

Caitlin chose to draw a quick and simple sketch of a sailboat, this week. Alex provided a writing sample to demonstrate how this pair worked together.

If you could create a “Goulet combo” what would it be? What do you currently have matched? Let us know!

Hope y’all have a fantastic week! Happy Monday!