Back when the TWSBI Classic came out in January of 2014, I was really excited about the pen and shot a whopping 5 videos about it! Despite all that education and praise I put out there, the Classic just hasn’t been a home run. And I think a lot of that is because of one fatal flaw (that I did point out), it didn’t post. 

Well, that’s changed now. TWSBI has responded to its fans and redesigned the filler knob (end cap) to the pen with a pair of rubber o-rings to hold the cap firmly in place while it’s posted. It goes on easy, and feels secure. It’s a nice adaptation, thank you TWSBI! So basically in this video I just show you what the end cap looks like and how the pen posts. Nothing too fancy, I’ve probably talked about this pen too much already ;) For what it’s worth, I actually think for the price, features, and overall size/design of the pen it’s actually really tough to beat. Time will tell if this new end cap will prove that in the pen community.

TWSBI’s already made this change on all Classics moving forward, so anything you buy from here on out should be the new version, check with your retailer of choice if you’re unsure. I know at we’ve got all new ones. But what about for those of you that already have the old version? Well, TWSBI is going to get a supply of replacement end caps soon, and you’ll be able to buy one for a pretty reasonable price (around $5 probably) and swap it out yourself. 

What do you think of the change?

Write On,
Brian Goulet