***UPDATE*** As of October 2016, the Monteverde Poquito has been discontinued by our distributor.

Here is a quick look at the Monteverde Poquito, one of the smallest fountain pens around. It’s awesome for a purse pen, pocket pen, just something to write quick little notes.

Monteverde Poquito in Pink


  • It’s super-small and light
  • It’s pretty affordable at $24
  • Takes standard international short cartridges, which are pretty widely available
  • Comes with one cartridge to get you going
  • Nib is smooth and reliable
  • 4 different color options
  • Pen is so small, it won’t fit any converter, so you have to use cartridges
  • Only comes available with a medium nib
  • May be tiring to write with for a long time because it’s so thin
Monteverde Poquito in Turquoise

You can check out how the nib compares to other pens with the writing samples I’ve done in the Nib Nook.
If you want more specs and details, be sure to check out the Poquito at GouletPens.com. I’d love to know what you think in the comments below! 
Write On,
Brian Goulet