We’re running a special deal at GouletPens.com from now through December 31st 2014, something we haven’t done before. If you buy a Monteverde pen from us, you’ll get a bottle of Monteverde ink (your choice of color) for free to go along with it. The only exceptions would be the Monteverde Poquito and Monteverde Tool pen because they don’t take bottled ink, so we’ll include a pack of black ink cartridges with your purchase of either of those pens.

Monteverde’s bottled ink is a rather large 90ml, and is available in 10 different colors. Monteverde developed a component of their ink that they call ITF Technology, which is essentially a lubricant that helps to keep your fountain pen nib from drying out longer than other brands of ink. These ink bottles typically cost you $12.50, so to have one included on the purchase of a $36 Monteverde Artista Crystal, a $52 Monteverde Intima, or a $40 Monteverde Impressa is really a pretty great deal. Monteverde has a nice range of pens in the $40-$100 range, and this is a great chance to get a deal on them.

We’re happy to be able to provide this for you because we like Monteverde pens and we know that you can never, ever have too many bottles of ink. ;)

Write On,
Brian Goulet