This week’s Monday Matchup is what we like to call a “match made in heaven.” The Stipula Splash is one of the newest editions to Goulet Pens and the slate grey version has been begging to be inked up with J. Herbin’s 1670 Stormy Grey. So we obliged and this pair did not disappoint. They really are a perfect match and worked well together — plus they’re just really, really good looking.

The Splash is a little different than the other flex pens we carry, as it offers a broader natural stroke and requires a little more pressure to get variation. It was fun to play around with and it showed off the ink beautifully in more than one way. Besides laying down gorgeous black and gold lines on paper, the ink sparkled and shined in the barrel of the pen as well — you’ve got to love a demonstrator pen when it comes to inks like this one. We couldn’t keep our eyes off it.

This week’s drawing was created by Madigan and Caitlin (team work makes the dream work!), using the matchup and a Noodler’s brush pen. Alex whipped up a writing sample to demonstrate how the two perform in everyday use.

Note: we are out of the 1670 Stormy Grey bottles right now, with a new
shipment expected to arrive in December. But fortunately we do have a
good amount of samples available if you’d like to try this color for yourself.

So, what do you think? What’s your “perfect match”? Leave us a comment below, and have a fantastic Monday!