We’re back to that Monday grind, fountain pen lovers. This week’s Monday Matchup will hopefully inspire you this week, or at the very least, warm your heart. We’ve matched the Noodler’s Konrad Ebonite Dixie #10 Methuselah’s Pine Cone Ripple flex pen (wow, that’s a mouthful!) with Waterman Absolute Brown ink. The flex pen proved to be a great match for this ink, showing off its chocolate coloring and light shading. Although this pair is a darker combination, it makes us feel warm and cozy… maybe because it feels like a piece of Thanksgiving Day. It’s the perfect pair to finish up the fall with.

Jenni contributed this week’s artwork, inspiring the “Clear eyes,
full hearts, can’t lose” quote. Alex showed off the pair by providing
the writing sample.

What ink/pen combos are making you feel cozy this November? What would be your Thanksgiving Day match? Tell us all about them below! Hope you have a Happy (and quick!) Monday :