Happy Monday, Fountain Pen friends! We’ve got a Matchup ready to motivate you and brighten your day. Today, we’ve matched the Faber-Castell Loom in Piano White (with Broad nib) with Diamine Sherwood Green. It’s getting much colder here in Virginia, and this pair is helping us transition into winter and the holiday season. The Loom is a durable and smooth pen, perfect for a gift for Christmas or, you know, to add to your personal collection. Sherwood Green behaved perfectly with it, showing off some shading and sheen, reminding us of those pine trees that will be decorating our houses soon. We’re nostalgic over here thinking about holiday traditions and couldn’t be more excited to celebrate these next few months with you.

Sarah M. drew this week’s doodle and Alex R. wrote out a sample for you to see how the combo performs.

What fountain pen/ink combo is on your holiday wishlist? What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Please share with us below!

Hope you have a pleasant Monday!