It’s beginning to look a lot like…pumpkin pie! Everyone’s jumping the gun on Christmas this year, forgetting that one of the most magnificent feast days of the year is just around the corner. To celebrate Thanksgiving, our very own Caitlin drew up this delectable pie, and I can practically smell it. Madigan did a great job with this writing sample, and yeah, we must have pie.

The Pilot Prera here has a medium nib, which is slightly finer than most European medium nibs. The Prera is a demonstrator pen with a stainless steel nib, available with a fine or medium nib. One of the coolest things about the Prera is the clear grip, which allows you to see a wonderful ink and pen matchup like this. Its nib is actually interchangeable with the Pilot Plumix, too, if you wanted to do a little hack to get an italic on there. The pen writes with a ¬†fair degree of smoothness, not buttery but not scratchy. It’s light, seals well, and is well-balanced posted or unposted.











Private Reserve Orange Crush is an underrated ink, and we’re glad to be able to feature it here. It’s clearly orange, with some nice shading when you lay it down heavy.

We’re glad to be able to feature this set for Monday Matchup, and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Of course, for me, it’d be better with a pumpkin cake ;)

Write On,
Brian Goulet