The Noodler’s Neponset pen with the flexible 3-tined music nib is a pen that I found out about in a phone call with Nathan Tardif (the Noodler’s mastermind) many years ago, and even then I could hardly wait to see this pen.

Noodler’s is known for value-priced flex-nib fountain pens like the Nib Creaper, Ahab, and Konrad, and the Neponset.

What makes this pen so unique is:

  • Ebonite- the hard-rubber material screams classic vintage homage, in 5 different color options
  • Music flex nib- the first I’ve ever seen like it, a flexible 3-tined nib gives crazy line variation
  • Large size- about equal in size to the MB149, it’s big and it’s meaty
  • Large ink capacity- it has the same piston as the Noodler’s Ahab that pushes a 2ml ink capacity, and can be eyedropper-converted for an insanely large ink reservoir
  • $75 price tag- just unheard of for an ebonite pen of this size with a flex nib, it’s quite unique


Noodler’s Neponset Music Nib, 3-tined nib with flex, unique to this pen model


As with all of the Noodler’s pens, this pen is great for the hands on tinkerer. Be sure to check out our blog and video on heat setting. And if this is the first time you’ve ever used a flex nib, here are some helpful hints:

  • Flush/clean pens first
  • Take your time, practice, and don’t over flex (or you risk springing your tines)
  • Wetter inks and less absorbent papers work best, avoid permanent or fast-drying inks
  • Scotch tape over the nib can help
  • Write slowly, especially when flexing
  • Using more of your arm, not just your hand
  • Flex only on the pulling motion
  • Be careful about your rotation
  • It’s an instrument, something that truly requires practice, so you will have to give it time

I hope you enjoy the Noodler’s Neponset!

Write On,
Brian Goulet