We announced a couple of weeks ago in this EPIC Goulet Announcement that we’d been working on a new GouletPens.com for the last year and a half, here. The day has finally arrived, just three days before our 5th anniversary! While we were down a little longer than we’d have hoped today, the new site is live and we’re thrilled to introduce it to you! We are excited about the features of our site and wanted to highlight them for you as you get to know the new GouletPens.com.

Faceted Search

How often are you thinking to yourself, “I’d love a blue pen with a fine nib that’s under $50”, and spent hours searching for all your options? Now you’ll be able to find them right away, because we’ve assigned attributes to every product on our site and given you the power to narrow down your search by specific criteria such as weight, price, size, nib type, nib color, body color, and more. You can find exactly what you’re looking for, much easier.

Comprehensive Review System
Product reviews are incredibly helpful when learning about how a product ‘really’ is, and you’ve already helped us with over 45,000 reviews so far. We wanted to build upon that, so we’ve installed an improved review system that allows you go beyond an overall star rating and give your opinion about much more detailed aspects of each product. What does this mean? You can rate an ink’s flow, dry time, and waterproofness. You can rate a nib’s smoothness, a pen’s balance, a paper’s dry time, you name it. We put thoughtful consideration into rating all of the most important aspects of the products we carry with your use of them in mind. You’ll even be able to upload your own pictures and videos to your reviews, so you can show off what you’re able to do with them.

We’ll also have a Q&A section, where you’ll be able to ask us questions about specific products right there on the page you’re browsing. These questions will be displayed publicly with our answers, that way everyone can benefit from our conversation. We want to make our site the most comprehensive place in the world for fountain pen enthusiasts!


New Company Logo
When we announced that we were redesigning our site, you might have thought we’d be changing our beautiful blue ink splatter. No way! But we did update it, using the incredible artistic talents of our team. Our logo was designed and created in-house, and we’re proud that our team was able to incorporate the history of our logo (the splatter) with a cleaner and more timeless design.

Photography, Video, and Branding
Sarah, our photographer, has done an amazing job with all of the photography of our site, taking gorgeous environmental shots of all of our banners, category images, slideshow images, and of course the products themselves. She’s also been cleaning up old images for months, and is working to get clean images of all of our 3,000 products.  Jenni, our videographer, has worked hard to incorporate our new branding into all of our graphic and video animations that you’ll be seeing more as we produce more content. These gals do such phenomenal work that has been largely unseen, until now!

Integrated Blog
Nearly 5 years ago we started our blog, InkNouveau.com, as a separate brand from our GouletPens.com store. The original idea behind this thinking was to make InkNouveau Brian’s “personal” blog reviewing writing products. There was a slight lack of foresight doing this, as it quickly became evident that there would be little to distinguish Brian’s “personal” life from the GouletPens brand. The creation of our new website provided us with an opportunity to marry the two together, our blog and our store, once and for all. The blog will still be run by me (Brian)

Responsive Design
All the cool new websites these days are doing it! So what is it? Basically, it’s designing a website so that it looks good no matter which device you’re using, or what size your browser window. We’ve programmed in about a dozen different templates for our site that shift and move around elegantly as you change sizes, so you can browse as easily on a 27” monitor as you do on your laptop or iPad.

Mobile Site
Our mobile site previously was, well, non-existent. But now we have one! It’s been designed specifically for mobile devices, and we’re expecting that you’ll have an infinitely more enjoyable experience browsing our store on your phone than before.

The Bugs, oh the Bugs
Now, as we’d expect with any new website, we’re going to have bugs. We know that, and we accept that. We’ve been working with our developers for a year and a half to create our new site, and even though we’ve tried to make everything display and function perfectly, we know that there are unexpected bugs and quirks that you’re going to find. There are a few that we’re already aware of, but we want to hear about what you find. Please, let us know about them! Direct all problems or strange things you see happening on our site to website@gouletpens.com, so we can work with our developers to “iron out the bugs”, as Rachel keeps on saying (even though that saying is nonsensical). Having information like which web browser and version you’re using, as detailed an explanation as you can give, and screenshots of the error you’re seeing, will help us to get it resolved quickly.

We’re very excited to present our new site to you, please head on over to the new GouletPens.com and check it out!

Write On,
Brian, Rachel, and the rest of Team Goulet