When it comes time for holiday shopping, getting just the right gifts for the people in your life can be tough. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for a fountain pen lover.We’ve carefully put together our Goulet Gift Guide so that you can shop for the fountain pen lovers on your list with confidence! 

The Wanderer
Is your nephew studying abroad next year or is your cousin traveling through South America? We’ve got you covered! This notebook also serves as a passport cover. Plus, by taking advantage of the pen holder, recipients won’t have to worry about their writing instruments wandering away.
The Achiever
The perfect gift for the go-getter! This pen and ink pairing is ideal for the person on your list who’s always on the hustle and looking to impress.
The Free Spirit
Your artistic aunt needs inspiration! She’ll love the flex of the Falcon or Konrad. We also carry a wide array of ink samples that can be used watercolor work.
The DIY-er
A smart and sensible gift for the handy man or handy woman who fixes it all! It writes. It measures. It can also function as a screw driver! The multifaceted Tool Pen is a great complement to weekend project punch lists. The small notepad fits comfortably in a pocket and can be used for jotting down specs.
Monteverde Tool Pen, in Yellow and Black
The Strong Silent Type
Your father-in-law, despite months of probing, just never gives you any ideas about what gift to get. He’s impossible to shop for because he likes what he likes and rarely talks about it. Well, we have a pen for him, two in fact. The sturdy, no-nonsense Monteverde Invincia Deluxe pen isn’t flashy, but exhibits great taste in the hand of whoever is holding it. This new Goulet exclusive comes in a fountain pen or rollerball version. The fountain pen comes with a free bottle of Monteverde ink when purchased before 2015, so even that’s covered.


The Journaler
The avid writer needs a pen with a large ink capacity and a journal that just won’t quit. This pen and notebook pairing will prove durable for those extra-long, stream-of-conscious writing sessions.
The Librarian
The focused researcher needs ink that will last a lifetime, whether he or she is buried in a book making annotations or transcribing favorite literary passages. Plus, a highlighter always comes in handy — and note-taking is especially convenient with the premium notebook.


The Student
For the young or the young at heart! This easy-to-use pen is great for a beginner and the bright colors will certainly make a fun project or class assignment stand out.
The Goulet-a-holic
If their desks are littered with pens and ink samples, give them the gift of pen and ink storage. Organization never looked so good. :)
The Wild Card
No matter what, you just never know what this one’s going to want! You know these people like fountain pens, but a 5-minute conversation with them leaves your head spinning. Go with the gift that’s always the right size and the right color. ***Gift cards are in digital format, not a physical card***
There are tons of other great holiday gifts at GouletPens.com. Our team would be more than happy to help you pick out just the right stuff for the people in your life. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below, shoot us an email, or give us a call at 804-368-0482.
Write On,

Brian Goulet and the Goulet Team