Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.This week I’m making up for lost time! The last two weeks of Goulet Q&A were cancelled at the last minute due to family obligations and my losing my voice, so I’m tackling as many questions as I possibly can to make up. I cover “second pens”, breaking in nibs, getting others hooked on pens, and eyedropper conversions. Enjoy!

1) Andrew D.- email – (2:13)
In your video of 12/1/2014 (omas Ogiva Alba nibs?) you had a black case on your desk near your right elbow. it looks like a flute case or a pen case. I figure if it was in your video, it must be a pen case? Anyway, if it is a pen case, what type/brand is it? Where can I get one like it?
2) Vincent T.- Facebook – (2:58)
Do you think that gold nibs are more prone to “breaking in” and getting thicker than their steel counterparts? I’ve heard rumours since gold is a more malleable material.
3) @StephaniePyne87 -Twitter – (4:29)
Is there a cut-off date for guaranteed Christmas delivery from Goulet Pens?
  • Wed. 17th, US
  • already passed for international
4) Margaret (Customer Care) – (6:47)
Many people have asked for suggestions for the best starter pens for beginners (Platinum preppy, Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, etc.). For those of us who took your advice and enjoyed those pens, what are good options for the next step up, under $100? I’m not sure I want to spend the money on a gold nib pen at this point, but I’m definitely ready to see what I could get in the next price point beyond my starting pens.
5) Tracy P.- Facebook – (9:37)
Should I let my pen completely dry after washing before I reassemble it? Should I worry about mold developing if I don’t?6) Analise A. – Facebook – (10:58)
Do you know of any holiday card company that uses good enough paper for a fountain pen?7) Caitlyn P.- Facebook – (11:40)
In the world of vintage pens and modern pens (both fountain and dip) how can you tell if nibs can be interchanged without damage to pen, nib, or feed? ((Rcv’d many nibs, both fp and dip, and want to know how I can tell if I use them in a modern pen)) thanks for sharing your knowledge and for having the best customer service around!!!8) Mayra R.-Facebook – (13:26)
What inks would you recommend giving someone you bought a fountain pen for that could enhance their writing experience?

9) Eric O.- Facebook – (15:33)
What is the maintenance for a TWSBI 580 like? I have Jinhaos and Lamys and I like the ease of cleaning. I’m not a collector and consider pens as tools. For me, the real action is on the ink side.

10) Ty W.- Facebook – (17:57)
How do we FP lovers manage a panic attacks when there is two weeks of no gouletqa. Better asked: how do newbies or the step after that legitimately help get others hooked?

11) Julia L.-Facebook – (20:17)
Non-FP-related, but what advice would you give about working with a firm to redesign an organization’s website?

12) Travis W.- Facebook – (23:25)
Also, I have a collection of tiny pens growing. I own the TWSBI Mini, Kaweco sport, and Kaweco Liliput (you don’t carry them so I had to buy it elsewhere, forgive me!). Aside from the Poquito, are there any other tiny fountain pens you know of that are worth buying?

13) Edgar H.-Facebook – 24:26)
If you were a great classical composer and you were writing a symphony, what pen and ink would you use?

14) Stacey W.-Facebook – (26:26)
I would love to know Rachel’s favorite pens. I know she likes 1.1 italic’s but which specific pens are her favorite?

15) George A.-Facebook – (27:54)
There always appears to be some sort of condensation on the metal part of the pilot metropolitan converter, even when not exposed to drastic changes in weather or temperature. Why is that?

16) Steve K.-Facebook – (29:12)
Why do certain inks work better in some fountain pens? Specifically, I bought a Pilot Falcon SEF and tried it out with some Lamy turquoise, and it railroaded like crazy. I was ready to return the pen when I decided to clean it and ink it up with Liberty’s Elysium, and now I couldn’t be happier; the pen works like a charm, great flex, and no railroading. Any insights into this phenomenon? Is it just a trial and error kind of thing?

17) Vlad P.-Facebook – (35:10)
Hi! why are gold nibs softer to write with than steel nibs, if in the final steps of making any type of nib, a small ball of osmium-iridium is added on the tip? in the end, doesn’t it all come down to how well that “iridium” tip is polished?

18) Allen V.-Facebook – (39:55)
At present, the name Esterbrook is synonymous with vintage pens. However, the brand is relaunching as a new company making new pens. Have you seen any of the new pens and is Esterbrook possibly headed to Gouletpens.com?

19) Gösta M.-Facebook – (41:41)
I’ve heard people discussing if you should post the “Edison Noveau Premiere” or not. Some say the cap will scratch the body of the pen. What do you think?

20) 林理谙-Facebook – (44:23)
Is the writing sample for the preppy in the nib nook done with the eyedropperized or converter pen?

21) Alison S.- Facebook – (46:28)
Do you think my nemesis Bay State Blue will stain my new Neon Yellow Lamy Safari pen?

22) Michelle W.- Facebook – (48:49)
What are the components of the Platinum Preppy eyedropper conversion kit? Does it contain the both the O-ring(s) and silicon grease or must the silicon be purchased separately?

23) Maeli Z.-Facebook – (52:51)
With your ink sample stock down post-Inksamplepalooza, this seems like a good time to ask: How do you fill the ink samples? I have visions of a table full of sample vials and auto pipettes. Am I right???

Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate it! Next week will be the last Q&A of 2014, crazy! Be sure to check here if you have any old Q&A’s that you missed. Have a great rest of the week!

Write On,
Brian Goulet