Today’s Monday Matchup features one of the most popular pens we carry, the Lamy Safari in Charcoal. This is a workhorse pen, and has a different texture to it than the other Lamy Safari’s which gives it kind of a matte look. The Safari comes available in extra-fine through broad nibs, and this raccoon shows off what a fine nib can do! You can check out a Quick Look at the Lamy Safari here.

A special thanks goes out to our photography intern, Scott, who’s been working with us for a couple of months now and is about to wrap up his internship. He really wanted to squeeze in a Monday Matchup before he left, and we were glad to be able to show his work here. Thanks Scott!

Faber-Castell is a relatively new ink line that we’ve been carrying for a couple of months now. Here we’re featuring Stone Grey, a medium-grey color with a hint of red to it, smooth flowing with a good amount of shading. The bottle is gorgeous!

What do you think of today’s Matchup?

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Brian Goulet