This Monday Matchup features the TWSBI Classic, which had a bit of a slow start when it was introduced because it didn’t post, but that’s something that TWSBI redesigned recently (learn more about that here). It’s actually a really nice pen, especially if the other TWSBI pens are too thick for you.

Jenni, our videographer, did today’s drawing of this adorable polar bear. When I asked about her inspiration for the bear, her thought process was pretty easy to follow! Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear…blue -> cold ->polar + bear = polar bear :) I like it! The ink was originally inspired by Winnipeg the bear, pictured on both sides of the bottle. He was the bear that Winnie the Pooh was created after as well as the mascot for a Canadian Cavalry Regiment. The bear was owned by Lt. Harry Colebourn and it became the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh because A.A. Milne’s son (Christopher Robin) loved visiting the bear in the Zoo in London. I like that Jenni took this bear in a little different direction, though I feel like he needs a name! Thanks for helping out with this drawing Jenni, and thanks to Sarah for these awesome pics, they’re pretty cool (pun absolutely intended).

This is a pretty unconventional ink, though. It is a light blue with a strong teal undertone, and it actually fluoresces under UV light. The light blue absorbs and spreads out into the paper a little more than the teal, so it creates sort of a ‘halo’ effect on the line you draw. Pretty neat! You can check out my full review of this ink here.

Thanks for checking out another week of our Monday Matchup. The TWSBI Classic is available in EF-B nibs for $50 and Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear is $12.50 for a 3oz bottle at

So what name would you give Jenni’s bear here?

Write On,
Brian Goulet