This week’s Monday Matchup is done by the talented Madigan, on our talented Customer Care team. She was in the Christmas spirit with this combination of red, green, and gold! As she was thinking about Christmas, she couldn’t help but think about Rudolph and his big red nose, which is even brighter than normal with the gold sheen in the J. Herbin Rouge Hematite.

The ink is a mainstay, Rouge Hematite has been easily the most popular J. Herbin ink since it was released 4 years ago as the 340th anniversary ink for the company established in 1670 (hence the ink series name, 1670). The ink is a deep red that brings out an intense gold sheen as it’s put down heavily on ink-resistant paper. It has a lot of shading and varies from bright to deep red depending on how much is put down.

The pen used here is a Platinum Balance with a medium nib, which is a relatively newer pen that’s come into the US this year (see a Quick Look of it here). The green and gold really brings out the Christmas feel with the red and gold ink, and Madigan commented how solid the pen writes. It has good ink flow, and while she thought it was unassuming, it’s now a pen that she has on her radar. She was inspired to do some stippling and other techniques from her doodling days back in school with this matchup.

You can find a 50ml bottle of Rouge Hematite for $26 and the Platinum Balance for $43.20 at

Merry Christmas and Write On,
Brian Goulet