The amount of new stuff we’ve had coming in to is unprecedented! To give you at least an idea what’s going on, I put together a video here giving a quick glance at each of these 12 hot new products that are sure to excite the fountain pen community:

(1:43) – Pilot Falcon-Red
(2:12) – Pilot Custom 912
(3:40) – Edison Nouveau Premiere Winter 2015 Majestic Pine
(4:28) – TWSBI 580AL-Orange
(5:16) – TWSBI 580 Red and Green
(5:48) – Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Stainless Steel
(6:53) – Conklin Duragraph
(7:37) – Super5 Pens
(8:31) – Super5 Inks
(9:38) – Platinum Preppy EF
(10:11) – Delta Unica
(10:56) – Field Notes – Ambition Edition

Pilot Falcons- Red
• Similar to Pilot Falcon in black, but red!
• All soft nibs, SEF, SF, SM, SB
• Pilot proprietary cartridge/converter (comes with Con-50)
• $144

Pilot Custom Heritage 912
• Brand new to the US
• Larger body, similar to Justus 95
• Black w/ rhodium trim
• 5 different nibs: EF, Soft-fine, FA (falcon, flexible), SU (stub), MU (music, broader stub)
• Comes with Pilot Con-70 converter
• Test market for Pilot USA, if it sells well we might be able to show Pilot that we want more specialty nibs in the US!
• $224

Edison Nouveau Premiere Winter 2015 Majestic Pine
• Standard International cartridge converter, eyedropper fill
• Nibs: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5, 18k gold nib upgrade EF-B
• Seasonal, now through February/March
• $149
• Made in USA

TWSBI 580AL Orange
• Same body as TWSBI 580
• Aluminum grip, piston rod, and piston mechanism
• Colored orange!
• Piston filler, good volume of ink
• Stainless steel nibs available in EF, F, M, B
• $60 same as 580 AL Silver, $10 more than regular 580

TWSBI 580 Red or Green
• New for this year, identical to regular 580’s
• Piston filler, good volume of ink
• Stainless steel nibs available in EF, F, M, B
• $50

Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Stainless Steel
• Goulet Exclusive
• Real Stainless steel with chrome trim
• Stainless steel nib in F, M, B, 1.1mm stub
• Free bottle of Monteverde ink through end of 2014
• $108 fountain pen, $76 twist rollerball (coming soon)

Conklin Duragraph
• 3 colors
• Fine, medium, stub
• Nice acrylics
• Standard international cartridge converter
• $44

Super5 Pens
• Brand new brand
• 1 pen, 4 different clips
• Stub nibs
• 2 more stubs eventually, 1 size available now
• Standard international cartridge converter (not included)
• $27.95

Super5 Inks
• 6 inks, all waterproof (like De Atramentis document inks)
• 50ml
• inks $27.95

Platinum Preppy Extra-Fine
• Brand new
• Updated print on the body, same overall dimensions
• No longer have colored nib, polished steel with colored feed
• Platinum proprietary C/C, eyedropper
• Nib writes surprisingly smooth! Really exciting pen
• $4.95

Delta Unicas
• Blue and pink
• Same nib as Delta Serena F, M, very wet! Brushed finish
• Standard international cartridge converter
• $76

Field Notes Winter Ambition
• 3-pack 3.5”x5.5”
• Memo book (graph), ledger, date book
• Off-white paper, gold ruling, gilded edges
• $9.95

Whew! What a bunch of great stuff, right? Well this really is just a tease, but I wanted to put it together because I knew there was no way I’d be able to get a video/blog together for you on each one of these things in time for the holidays.
Be sure to check out more by clicking on the links for each of the products above to get full details on If you have any other questions, ask away in the comments below!
Write On,
Brian Goulet