I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how the Omas Ogiva Alba nibs write ever since launching them on GouletPens.com. Things have been a little crazy with launching a new website and all, so it took me until now to sit down and do writing samples of each nib size for you to include in the Nib Nook. Thanks for being so patient!

While I had all of the pens inked up, I shot this video showing how they write sharing some of my thoughts as I was using them with Noodler’s Black ink on Rhodia 80g dot pad paper. I sample up the following nibs:

  • 14k extra-fine, extra-flessibile (flexible) (1:20)
  • 18k extra-fine (4:20)
  • 18k fine (6:40)
  • 18k medium (7:40)
  • 18k medium italic (1.1mm stub) (9:00)
To sum up the whole experience, the nibs are amazing. They write very smooth with a slight hint of feedback (felt most on the 14k EF and 18kM, actually), flow is consistent and wet. My personal favorite nibs are the 18k EF and 18k medium-italic. All of the nibs are soft, and can get some line variation with pressure, but the 14k nib is the softest modern flex pen I’ve ever used. You have to watch out with it though, it’s going to be easy to spring the tines on this pen so don’t go overboard with it!Be sure to check out the writing samples for the Ogiva Alba in the Nib Nook, where you can see how these nibs compare to all of the other pens we carry on GouletPens.com. As a special bonus (not in the video), here’s a compilation of the Nib Nook samples of the Ogiva with a bonus of the 14k fine extra-flessibile that a customer had special ordered and so graciously let me test for the Nib Nook (thank you!).


I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Write On,
Brian Goulet