Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.If you’re thinking, “Hey,  this week’s Q&A looks so last week,” then you’re right. Because I traveled with my leadership team to Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Performance Series in Nashville this week, I doubled down and filmed two back-to-back Q&As last week. But don’t worry; this Q&A is still new to you, and I’ll be covering some pen storage and cleaning basics, recommending Nib Meisters, and talking about the 2015 Copper-Orange Lamy Al-Star for the first time.
1) Nancy D.- Facebook – (4:29)
What’s the best method for filling pens without getting your fingers inky? Best way to carry pens so they don’t leak? I’ve got 3 pens going at once. Stored up? Stored down? How about when you’re NOT using them for a while? Up? Down? Horizontal?
  • what’s wrong with inky fingers? ;)
  • practice, really
  • some people use gloves!
  • really can depend on the pen, ink bottle
  • Nib up is best way to transport them
  • when not using a while, the storage varies based on who you ask
  • your pens will tell you how they want to be stored based on how quickly they’ll dry up
  • I keep all mine horizontal by default
    FP101 Pen Storage video
  • I am setting up a new pen storage unit I’m really excited about, more to come there
2) Amanda A.- Facebook – (9:57)
I’m look to get my first flex pen. What pen would you recommend?
  • Noodler’s Ahab
  • It’s kind of big, but that usually helps when controlling a flex pen for the first time
  • most reliable of the Noodler’s pens, usually
  • $20, affordable
  • SO many color options

3) Gary W.- Facebook – (12:25)

Have you ever used a Nib Meister? If so, who was he or she? Who are your favorite and recommended Nib Meisters? I’m sure you’ve met a number of them at pen shows. I’m thinking of sending one of my pens to Pendleton Brown for his BLS grinding.
  • No actually, not technically
  • I have had Brian Gray grind down a stub for me (before he started offering that) and work on my Pelikan
  • I have a pen adjusted by Mike Masuyama
  • I have a pen adjusted by Binder
  • I haven’t ever sent a pen to a nibmeister to have it adjusted for myself, personally
  • I do my own tweaking here and there, but in general I leave my pens pretty intact so that I’m familiar with them as they are (since I sell the pens I use)
  • I’ve heard pretty good things about all of the big ones: Mottishaw, Masuyama, Binder, Zorn, Pendleton, they’re all very busy!

4) Irma R.- Facebook – (18:01)

Will you be accepting preorders for the 2015 Copper-Orange Lamy Al-Star?
  • nope, don’t do preorders
  • we’ll shoot to be one of the first to get them in the US, in good quantity
  • not sure when that’ll happen yet

5) Chris R.- Facebook – (24:50)

I am very new to fountain pens and want to try more inks, what is a good low maintenance noodlers ink good for a noob?

6) Travis W.- Facebook – (28:06)

Any plans for a video description/overview of Banditapple stuff? And the non-Traveler’s Notebook Midori notebooks? You’ve carried them for a while but there’s no overview for them. I like hearing your insights on the products you carry.
  • you got me! I’ve been neglecting these
  • how about Original Crown Mill? Field Notes? heck, most paper I’ve neglected to fully review
  • this is something I need to work on, for sure
7) Stacey W.- Facebook – (32:13)
I LOVE the Goulet nibs…can you tell me which pens you carry that fit the Goulet nibs? I have placed them on a few Jinhaos, but the feed is extremely WET…any suggestions on the pens you have found that work best with Goulet nibs?
8) Mark Z.- Facebook – (34:00)
I have a basic question… When cleaning a pen, when is it clean “enough”? After using a purple ink and cleaning with a large (~6-10) number of bulb syringe flushes, I was still able to see some purple color either on my cloth or after re-dipping the nib in water a moment later. Do I need to keep flushing until completely clear (no hint of the previous color)? How many “syringefuls” does that take (5? 10? 20?) Is the answer different if you go to re-ink the pen with a different color versus shelving it as part of a pen rotation?
  • great question!
  • generally, you want it to be where all the old ink is GONE, clean until it’s totally clean
  • if you’re inking back up with the exact same ink, you don’t really have to clean much at all, just go through the motions!
  • if doing a similar color, do what you can but don’t sweat the small stuff
  • if changing colors drastically (especially dark to light color), or switching to non-compatible inks (like Baystate-to-non-Baystate!), be very thorough

9) John Y.- Facebook – (38:03)

Can the Platinum Modern Maki-e Fountain Pen – Cranes be posted? It seems like the screen printing is exposed. I’m worried about it rubbing or chipping off if I post it. Is there a clear coat on top of it or is it not recommended to post.
  • there’s an insert in the cap that I think grips the back of the pen, so there’s not a lot if any pressure on the Crane itself
  • I have the Phoenix of the same pen, and post it without too much fuss, never an issue
  • might want to play it safe, so don’t post if it’s not too much trouble to avoid

10) Jeff M.- Facebook – (39:41)

What are some examples of decent eyedropper pens? I have given up on preppys as they crack very easy. I use them for pen and ink drawing, and occasionally writing things on my sketches

11) Bill M.- Facebook – (42:57)

Does Whiteness of the Whale write legibly on black paper? If not, how does it differ from Blue Ghost?
  • no, not really at all
  • it’s kind of like milk, watery milk
  • blue ghost is completely transparent
  • WOW is milky, made to desaturate/lighten a color, like going from red to pink, purple to light purple
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