It’s that time of year for New Year’s resolutions. And resolutions are essentially a fancy word for goals, right?

Here is a little tip for making your resolutions stick. Whether you’re aiming to volunteer more frequently, do a spot-on job of cleaning and maintaining your fountain pens, or complete your “The Walking Dead” fan fiction script, you should write it down.

A fascinating little nugget about writing down goals: it actually increases the likelihood of accomplishing them. In the business book “EntreLeadership,” Dave Ramsey talks about this phenomenon, a relationship that’s also validated by a number of other studies and experiments.

At Goulet Pens, we love writing everything down: resolutions, goals, grocery lists and any other excuse we can find to test our latest pen and ink combinations. Our team has shared some of their goals for 2015 below — and many included the pen and even the ink they used, just in case they catch your eye.

We hope 2014 was a blast. And we believe that 2015 will be even better. Happy New Year, and please share your resolutions with us in the comments!

Please share your resolutions and goals for 2015 in the comments below!
Write on,
Team Goulet