Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen: Quick Look

That pile of paperwork sitting on your desk just got a bit more interesting. That’s because there is a new set of three colors in the Parker IM Premium pen line — great workplace fountain pens — called Brown Shadow, Emerald Pearl, and Pink Pearl. The pens feature a striped pattern that’s a throwback to the vintage Parker Vacumatics.

The pen writes smoothly, very smoothly in fact, though it has a bit of a sweet spot so it can take just a little getting used to. It’s nothing as extreme as the Lamy 2000, if you’ve heard about that pen. It’s only available in a stainless steel medium nib, though. The flow is wet and it gives a consistent line that’s similar to most other European medium nibs.

I really like the balance of this pen. It’s quite light at 21g (I accidentally said 13g in the video, sorry!), and it feels comfortable posted or not. The snap-cap is super convenient for jotting down quick notes, and it has a very positive ‘click’ when I snap it on. It’s all aluminum, which is why it’s so light, and while I’m not normally wild about metal grips on my pens, this one is brushed so that it won’t slip around in my fingers.

The Parker IM is a solid medium-range pen at $51.20, though you might as well go ahead and factor in an additional $10 for a proprietary Parker converter if you want to use bottled ink. It’s a very respectable pen that I think is worth considering as a not-so-boring work pen.

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Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T14:31:56+00:00 January 29th, 2015|Pen Reviews|5 Comments
  • J. Pérez

    Do you also offer repair services?

  • Otter

    I LOVE the look of that pen! Writing-wise, how would you say it compares to the Sheaffer Sagaris? I'm sort of torn between the two and would appreciate any input. Thanks.

  • Great question, these are pretty comparable pens. The Parker is smoother than the Sagaris, and ever-so-slightly finer a line. The advantage of the Sagaris is that it comes in a fine nib, whereas the Parker is medium-only. I personally like the Parker better.

  • Anonymous

    What is the color (and sources) of the blue ink writing shown In the above photo? Thanks, Mh

  • Otter

    Thanks, you convinced me (not that I wasn't already halfway there *LOL*)! I just placed my order for the Parker Emerald Pearl. Looking forward to enjoying the new pen. Thanks as always for the great Goulet customer service! 🙂