When I first heard about this pen, I was almost in disbelief because gold nib pens typically run $140+. Could there really be a 14k pen for under $80? Yup, and here it is, the Platinum PTL-5000A.

Now don’t go thinking that this pen is just a flashy name (some sarcasm there). Okay, the name is quite… robotic? But this is actually a pretty sweet little pen. I mean that literally, too; the pen is thin, very light, and the nib itself is rather small. However, it’s a genuine 14k nib that actually writes fairly soft, and I’m quite impressed.
The design of the pen is very similar to the Platinum Maki-e pens, including the Kanazawa Leaf and Modern Maki-e (that we used to carry but have recently discontinued). It’s slightly smaller overall, and incredibly light at only 13g. For a large-handed writer like me, the pen is thinner and lighter than I would normally want, but this is something that I think a lot of you will find appealing about this pen.
The nib is 14k and writes quite well. The EF is VERY fine, just like you’d expect with a Japanese pen, and that’s what I use in the video. It’s also available in fine and medium (though the medium we might not have until February). The fine is smoother than the EF, as I’d expect.
The flow is consistent and the feel of the nib is smooth but with a bit of feedback. Platinum tends to grind their nibs so you feel some drag on the page; that’s intentional and the reason a lot of folks like Platinum because you really get a sense of control with the nib. There’s even a bit of line variation if you intentionally flex the nib out. Though watch out, it’s not a ‘flex nib’ per say, so go easy with this.
The pen is black with gold trim (and oddly a silver trim ring at the nib), I believe there’s a burgundy version out there as well, but I don’t know that it’s regularly available in the US yet. It comes with a Platinum cartridge and takes a proprietary Platinum converter (included) for bottled ink.
All-in-all, it’s a really solid little pen. It’s not new, though it’s “new to us” here at GouletPens.com. I can’t believe I haven’t heard more about this pen, especially at this price point. Here it is though, we got it in and I wanted to share my experience with you. You can learn more details and pick one up for yourself for $79.20.

What do you think?


Write On,
Brian Goulet