If you’re looking for an affordable pen that emphasizes performance over looks but still sports some subtle flare, the Parker Urban Premium is now available in three new colors that fit the bill.

The new colors include Amethyst Pearl, Golden Pearl, and Silver-Blue Pearl. The pens are on the light side, weighing in at 22g, or about the same as a Lamy Al-Star. The nib, which is identical to the flashier Parker IM Premium line, is available in medium only. This pen is a smooth writer, and definitely has a sweet spot that you’ll need to hone in on.

The Parker Urban Premium Golden Pearl

With a snap cap and a push-to-post design, the Parker Urban Premium is a solid choice for professionals, students and others who are looking to take notes and perform work on the fly. The only disadvantage is that a proprietary Parker converter is not included; it’s available for an additional $10. The pens also accept Parker ink cartridges.

There is a lot to like about the new Parker Urban Premium colors. At $63, these fountain pens bring unique, understated style and reliable performance to this price range.



The Parker Urban Premium Silver-Blue Pearl 

                                                       The Parker Urban Premium Amethyst Pearl

The Parker Urban Premium Golden Pearl
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Brian Goulet