Robust, sophisticated, and earthy, Pantone’s Color of the Year is a beautiful shade of burgundy. According to Pantone, it was inspired by both the fortified wine and the Indian spice. Marsala is all at once strong, warm, and complex.

Many of our favorite brands were ahead of the trend, having embraced this color years ago in pen, paper, and ink. Our photographer, Sarah, matched products that reflected the depth and range of this fascinating color.

Here are some of our recommendations to bring this hue into your writing experience. ***Updated March 2020***


Stamp serious with this J. Herbin Supple Sealing Wax in Burgundy



Platinum strikes a beautiful Balance between deep wine red and gold! This pen is no longer available at The Goulet Pen Company



The Edison Pearlette in Violet Flake embodies exquisite elegance. The Violet Flake is no longer available at the Goulet Pen Company.



The Lamy Al-Star Purple belongs in your starting line-up.


The Gloss Wine Sheaffer Sagaris goes down smooth with Diamine Syrah or Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses.



Soak in the bewitching bindings on these textured Basic Clairefontaine Clothbound and Banditapple Carnet Handy notebooks.


Pocket pen perfection! Gold and burgundy on the Kaweco Classic Sport in Bordeaux.


Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team