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This week’s Goulet Q&A is completely different than anything we’ve done before. There’s a lot of magic that happens behind the scene with our Media Team, and we wanted to introduce you to each member of the team! They’ll talk a little bit about what they do and answer some specific questions you asked.

Introductions – (3:10)

1) Mike N- Facebook – (9:18)
I am a skeptic so I must ask. Who actually does the Monday matchup drawings and paintings? Is it solely done by the Goulet member noted, or is it a collaboration from multiple members?

  • We do collaborate on ideas for themes and quotes, but the member noted is solely responsible for the artwork that is posted.

2) Mike W – Blog – (10:31)
1) Though Goulet Pens is often on the cutting edge, what media productions do you see on other FP sites that you would like to try? 2) What other media productions do you see on non-FP sites (sportswear? food sales? auto sales? etc.?) that you would like to try?

3) Zdez Z – Facebook – (12:40)
A general question for your team, what is it like to be part of the Gpc and how does a normal day go about.

  • Typical days are kind of rare
  • Very fast paced
  • Things change very quickly
  • Lots of brainstorming and creative collaboration

4) Greg M – Youtube – (20:52)
I have a question for your media team, Specifically Sara. Photography is one of my other loves. What kind of camera’s do you use and what kind of setup do you use for photographing the pens? in terms of lighting, backdrops, tripod. even ISO and shutter speed. What can I say I’m not only an FP geek but a Camera geek. Yes, my cameras are vintage too but I have a Nikon D7000. TIA.

5) Emily B- Youtube – (24:08)
What platform do you use to send a social media message simultaneously? HootSuite? My church uses that but it’s cumbersome. Or do y’all just write a unique message for each platform?

  • We don’t use any software. We create unique messages for each platform.
  • We may post similar things on each platform but we try to customize the content and copy to the individual platforms.

6) Amaryllis L- Youtube – (25:54)
What camera and lens combo is used to shoot those videos?

7) Sam F- Youtube – (27:37)
What’s their individual favorite pen/ink/paper “trifecta”?

Thanks so much for spending time with us this week, we really appreciate it! Be sure to check here if there are any old Q&A’s that you missed.
Write On,
Goulet Media Team