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This week we launched (and sold out of) Filofax notebooks along with the new-to-us LAMY Rollerballs. We’re looking for some feedback on the blog, welcoming some new bearded team members, and answering your most pressing fountain pen questions. Watch, listen, and enjoy the newest “Goulet Q&A.”

Product Updates – (6:20)

1) Andrew H.- Facebook – (6:34)
When would the seasonal Edison Nouveau Premiere for Spring 2015 be announced?

  • In the next week or so, should be available at the end of the month

2) Carmen C.- Facebook – (7:49)
Is there going to be a Special Edition Safari this year, or just the Al-Star?

  • Neon Green Safari is 2015 SE, should be available in the US in April (no precise eta)

3) Wil T.- Facebook – (10:50)
When are u getting more FiloFax notebooks in? I thought that I would get them early, but they’re already sold out! Wil, your biggest Canadian fan.

  • They sold out fast! faster than we thought
  • More on order, should be here in a few days, we’ll up our quantities

4) Zdez Z.- Facebook – (12:30)
Can you give us some your opinion on the iroshizuku mini 15ml inks and would you someday want to carry them?

  • I think they look awesome
  • Color choices are awesome, bottles seem really functional for the size they are
  • We will definitely carry them, will be available in US later this spring

5) Aaron R.- Facebook – (13:56)
Do you have any updates on when the new Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst will be released?

  • no exact ETA, but not until later in the spring

Pens/Writing – (15:18)

6) Po L.- Facebook – (15:24)
I want know whether you will carry a pen for writing on surface that is not fountain pen friendly? If yes, what is your choice? You know sometimes we cannot control what we have to write on (e.g.poor quality exam paper)

  • I do just that
  • Faber-Castell EF nib
  • Pilot Metro fine
  • Safari Rollerball, just in case

7) Lori Arrowood.- Twitter – (18:47)
What is your favorite pen that you don’t sell?

  • Tough one! Several good ones
  • Waterman Carene Essential Silver w/ fine nib is great, though doesn’t post
  • *****look through other pens!!

8) Julia LaBua Twitter – (22:14)
Why do people carry 3+ pens with them every day? I’m new to FP and struggling to understand why one good pen isn’t enough.

  • Just 3? I have no idea why, when I easily carry 10-12 with me
  • Seriously though, there are several reasons
  • Different nib types, depending on your writing
  • Different ink colors, depending on mood/use/notes
  • “Decoys” for those who want to borrow, or ones you want to loan out
  • Show off! people ask to see them if you have some cool ones

9) Ana M.- Facebook – (26:35)
Can the Noodler’s Konrad Brush Pens be filled with water and used as a watercolor brush? Or is it specifically made for ink and the water would run through?

  • Oh definitely, go for it
  • Ink is mostly water anyway, it’ll flow pretty much the same
  • I’m no brush expert, I think you could definitely do what you’re looking to do here

10) Yon S.- Facebook – (28:06)
You carry Pelikan inks but not pens. What gives?

  • I’m perplexed, too!
  • I’ve tried, offered full line of m200’s a couple of years ago
  • Apecial order m400/600/800/1000
  • A lot of people ask/talk about them, not many people buy
  • Easy to find many places more known for them than us
  • Quite honestly, they’re a premium price for what they are, and we’re not a premium dealer

Paper- (34:16)

11) Rebecca C.- Facebook – (34:22)
I know a lot of people who like using the field notes, but I can’t find an ink that doesn’t feather, even with my xf vanishing point. Any recommendations?

  • Noodler’s Heart of Darkness is amazing, try that
  • Some feathering will be inevitable, these notebooks just aren’t the best for fountain pens

12) Kevin T.- Facebook – (36:06)
Which papers could be considered “archive” quality?

  • Most of the ones we carry are
  • Ph-neutral, acid-free is really the ticket
  • Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Quo Vadis, Exacompta is for sure. Leuchtturm, pretty sure Apica, Midori. Not sure about Field Notes or Banditapple.

Ink- (38:26)

13) Ruchit P.- Facebook – (38:31)
Will using deionized water help clean ink from cartridges even better than regular water? Or is there not a big difference?

  • I’ve never tested for myself, honestly
  • Won’t really help to clean any better, it will just help prevent buildup of minerals over time if you have hard tap water
  • Distilled water is recommended for ink dilution, and possibly cleaning if your water’s REALLY hard
  • There really just isn’t enough water flowing through your pen to really have noticeable mineral buildup, in my opinion

Sealing Wax- (41:33)

14) Alexandre J.- Facebook – (41:37)
Do you know about silver and gold metallic ink pads used to make two-tone wax seals, and is there a possibility you could carry them one day?

  • I’ve been aware of them for years, heard okay things about them
  • J. Herbin has them, have heard pretty good things about them, somewhat mixed about whether or not it’s worth the cost
  • I could carry them if there’s interest, I get asked about them maybe once or twice a year at most!

Troubleshooting – (44:06)

15) Jessica O.- Facebook – (44:11)
Help! I have never had this problem. Leaking at the grip section (twsbimini). Did I over fill? Leak? Crack? How do I find out where the problem lies?

  • Could be a crack, take it apart as much as you can to see if you see anything
  • Could just be loose, remove the nib unit, clean it all off and try again
  • May need to reach out to TWSBI at twsbiinc@gmail.com if it persists or if crack is visible

16) Po L.- Facebook – (48:17)
How to clean the translucent feed perfectly so that it looks like a new one? Is it possible? (like the one on the platinum cool)

  • Platinum Cool can be completely disassembled (vid here)
  • Some inks are easier to clean out than others
  • Pen Flush can help, some inks may require 10% bleach/water solution (like Noodler’s Baystates)

QOTW: How many pens do you carry with you? – (51:18)

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team