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This week we finally released the new Lamy CopperOrange and immediately sold out of the ink! We’ve got a ton of fun products coming out this Spring that I can’t wait to tell you about. I’m answering some great product questions, quoting a famous Office worker, and showing of my excellent pen storage skills. Sit, back, relax, and enjoy!

Product Updates – (3:43)

  • Lamy Al-Star CopperOrange, Black
  • Lamy CopperOrange ink, bottles and cartridges
  • Lamy CopperOrange rollerballs (here?)
  • Lamy Safari Neon Lime (two weeks?)
  • Monteverde Regatta Sport Rose Gold Limited Edition (coming real soon)
  • Waterman Ombre, still thinking about it (two-three weeks)
  • Kaweco Al-Sport Stonewashed (two weeks)
  • Kaweco Skyline Sport (two weeks)
  • Kaweco extra-fine nibs, all pens
  • Diamine 30ml and cartridges (two weeks)
  • Edison Nouveau Premiere (next week)

Pens/Writing – (13:26)

1) CM U.- Facebook- (13:32)
How long is the life expectancy of the Lamy converter cartridge?

  • depends on the use, I’ve never had to replace one yet, but I don’t use it daily
  • If you get a couple of years out of it, you’re doing well

2) Ronnie K.- Facebook- (16:03)
There is an Italian pen that appeals to me however it is fairly costly and I would be interested in knowing your opinion on purchasing an expensive pen without having tried it- your thoughts please?

  • this is tough! Definitely the biggest disadvantage when buying online
  • read reviews/watch videos from a trusted source
  • read about it/ask questions on forums like FPN
  • make contact with the retailer selling it, see if they have experience firsthand
  • check return policy of retailer
  • there is an element of risk/faith in the process

3) Jennifer S.- Facebook- (22:28)
Are you going to do a video on the Pilot FA (Falcon) nib on the Custom Heritage 912? Also, would like to see a way to search site by the diameter of the pen grip – I have a hand injury and if the grip section is really small I find that my hand cramps up a bit. And…… because of that I end up writing with my left hand so if you have any feed back from other customers on good pens for lefty underwriter types.

  • I plan to, eventually!
  • No searchable function on our site for pen grip, currently
  • We do have the measurements listed under the product page tab of “Technical Specs”
  • Our measurement is the smallest point of the grip

Business – (27:47)

4) John Y.- Facebook- (28:13)
Would Goulet Pens at some point have a rewards program for frequent buyers?

  • isn’t currently built on our site, would be a custom design (big $$$)
  • lots of different ways people define frequent, loyal, etc.
  • would love ideas/feedback, especially what other sites have these programs that you really love
  • my “loyalty” program is Q&A and my other videos
  • I’m trying to reward up front, because I know the loyalty will follow if I give you a ton of value before you even buy

5) Matt L.- Facebook- (36:43)
What is your number 1 top selling ink, paper, and pen? What is your top selling product?

  • Ink: Noodler’s Black
  • Paper: Rhodia No. 16 dot
  • Pen: Pilot Metropolitan black plain with fine nib
  • #1 selling product: Lamy z24 converters!


 – (30:52)

6) Benjamin C.- Facebook- (39:52)
Why do some inks bleed through and why do some papers resist that?

  • the ink could be a factor, for sure
  • usually, more permanence means more bleed through/feathering/spreading
  • not a lot of details of ink chemistry are shared by manufacturers
  • paper: all about coating, pretty much
  • balance between dry time and feathering

7) Lisa G.- Facebook- (44:55)
When will the J. Herbin Bleu Ocean with metallic shimmer be available?

  • I have no idea! Hopefully soon, but I don’t have word on it yet
  • I’ve seen it available in Europe, just waiting for it to arrive in the US

8) Elise M.- Facebook- (45:41)
Do the pilot parallel cartridges fit in the metropolitan?

  • technically yes
  • big debate here at Goulet now about whether or not these are usable with non-Parallel pens
  • box of cartridges says “Exclusive for Parallel Pen”
  • May be pigmented? use with your own judgment in a non-Parallel


- (49:20)

9) Elise M.- Facebook- (49:23)
What is a good correspondence/letter paper set for beginner fountain pen users? I want to practice with my pen while being productive with thank you notes.

  • my favorite: Clairefontaine Triomphe
  • Another good one, G. Lalo Vergé de France or Original Crown Mill Classic Laid

10) Jonathan A.- Facebook- (51:09)
I want to make an ink journal and I want to know what is the difference between shading and saturation? Can you explain this two terms into more detail? I have watched your videos of the fountain pen 101 and you  explain it but I don’t grasp it.

  • these terms aren’t exactly in Webster’s for fountain pen use
  • I will clarify my own understanding of them
  • Saturation: the amount of dye that’s in an ink
    • the more dye present, the darker, bolder, more opaque an ink is
    • really just a factor in the ink itself
  •  Shading: the amount that an ink varies in color/darkness when writing with it
    • inks that tend to have a lower degree of saturation will tend to have greater shading
    • other factors besides saturation can affect shading, such as paper type and nib size used
  • the two definitions certainly overlap a bit, but it is possible to have low-saturated inks that don’t shade much, especially on more absorbent paper

11) La Lynne- Facebook- (56:21)
You’ve mentioned in the past that you have had a Midori, Webbie, Filofax notebook, Leuchtturm… Is this because you make a point of trying and using all of them? Have you stopped using any? Do you use them for different situations or just whatever is to hand? I am not interested in knowing your ‘favourite’ as such, but is there any notebook that you have found is ideal, for you, for a certain use?

  • I do use a wider variety of notebooks than most, because I have access to them all and want to   know how they all work
  • because I test a lot, my notes tend to end up all over the place
  • I’m not super-organized anyway
  • DISC profiling, my “stability” is on the floor, and consistency is not super-high either
  • what tends to work for me:
    • Midori Traveler’s Notebook: quite notes, doodles, ideas when I’m going out an about and don’t carry my backpack
    • Leuchtturm1917: Bible notes, more organized thoughts
    • Rhodia Webnotebook: journaling, writing down quotes from books
    • Filofax Notebook: meeting notes, taking to a variety of meetings (b/c the pages can be moved)
    • Rhodia dotpads: brainstorming, to-do lists, quick ideas and writing samples
    • Clairefontaine Triomphe/G. Lalo Vergé de France: correspondence

Personal- (1:03:14)

12) Ryan S.- Facebook- (1:03:38)
Has anyone told you that you speak almost exactly like Michael Scott from The Office? I listen to the Q&A as a podcast in my car, and the resemblance is uncanny.

  • I do like waking up to the smell of bacon
  • “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”
  • That’s what she said.

13) La Lynne- Facebook- (1:04:33)
Has anyone at Goulet Pens now got a weirdy, fairly useless, but vaguely impressive talent? Like pen identification by touch? Being able to pick out a specific blue ink while it is
surrounded by 30 similar ones? Knows a pens weight by touch alone…

  • Rachel and I identify colors in fashion, interior decorating, vehicles, etc. in fountain pen ink colors
  • We do annual office olympics around our anniversary each year where we guess ink colors just by their swabs, guess best/worst selling pens/inks, etc
  • I’ve never explicitly tried to guess a pen by touch alone, probably could though
  • I can pretty well guess a pen’s weight just by holding it, but don’t test me on that :)

14) Kevin L.- Facebook- (1:07:37)
I have just put all my fountain pens in 1 large case and have 5 quality pen boxes that are now empty. Any ideas on what to do with them other than as dust collectors? My single and double leather pen cases will be used but the boxes need use, don’t they?

  • ummmm….yeah, I’m still figuring that one out.

QOTW: What aspect of your fountain pen life creeps over into your ‘real’ life that other people just don’t get?