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This week we broke Instagram records, introduced our Edison Nouveau Premiere seasonal edition, and are preparing to launch a ton of new products. I’ll be answering questions on Omas pens, ink cartridges, and notebooks for lefties. It’s a rainy day here at Goulet HQ, perfect for curling up with a cup of tea and to spend some time relaxing with me. Get cozy…

Product Updates- (1:04)

  • Edison Nouveau Premiere in Lilac
  • Lamy Safari NeonLime- coming soon!
  • Record number of Instagram Likes on Monday Matchup 40
  • Monteverde Regatta Sport in Rose Gold now available!
  • Kaweco AL-Sport Stonewash, TWSBI AL 580 Pens, Midori PanAm, Kaweco Skylines

Pens/Writing- (5:20)

1) Kerry Adams @smadayrrek-Twitter – (5:24)
What’s the best way to get non FP users into the way of life without overwhelming them with all the options?

  • let them trying your pens!
  • Don’t worry them with info about cleaning/filling, etc
  • just get them to experience the benefits (smooth writing, fun ink colors) first
  • show them FP101 videos
2) davekorbiger- YouTube – (7:54)
Hi Brian what’s the best way to store spare nibs?
  • ink sample vials in small plastic baggie or something soft to protect it in the bottom
  • earring/ring box
  • other options?
3) Peaches O.- Facebook – (10:09)
Will there be more Omas offered at Goulet? Thoughts on the Omas 360 Mezzo?
  • we’re open to it, sure, but we’re pacing ourselves
  • launched with Ogiva Alba LE, all gone now
  • many Omas pens aren’t available but for a couple of months
  • I still need to investigate what’s available ongoing to see if we’d carry anything ‘regularly’
4) Lisa G.- Facebook – (13:06)
Which pens are best for lefties, are there lefty specific pens or nibs? I see some kids pens like pelikano jr sold in LH version but rarely regular pens sold this way. Reason to ask is that as a righty I don’t know what to look at for my lefty son.
  • I’m with ya! I’m a righty and don’t know from personal experience what makes some pens better for lefties than others
  • (my understanding) lefty pens are ground to be smoother on the ‘push’ stroke, though I hear mixed things from lefties about whether this really makes a difference
  • Lefty underwriters have it easiest, can write with most anything
  • overwriters have it toughest, may want to consider retraining your hand position (I know, that’s not easy)
  • Teach your son to write as an underwriter, and give him a smooth-writing medium nib, pretty much any brand (Lamy is good)
Ink – (18:33)5) Jonathan B.- Facebook – (18:38)There are some who will not use Noodler’s inks in pens above a certain price. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a price threshold for Noodler’s inks?

  • use your personal judgment here
  • Noodler’s inks vary a lot in property from one to another, so read reviews of each specific ink
  • many generalize the whole brand as being ‘unsafe’, falsely
  • For me, it’s not so much about the price, but more about how easily the pen comes apart, for certain inks (and not just Noodler’s)
  • I save the more stubborn inks for pens that are easy to clean and take apart
  • no, I don’t have a price threshold

Business – (22:54)

6) Aditya S.- Facebook – (23:00)
For Edison production line, is there any chance that you will ever offer seasonal editions? I really like the materials chosen for the ENP seasonal editions but it’s just too thin for extended use and I would love to see something in the other pens such as the Collier or the Herald.

  • We’ve talked with Brian Gray about this, and I think he might be open to it
  • We have been staying pretty busy as it is with seasonal Premieres
  • I could definitely see doing the Collier, I’ll ask!
7) Bianca M.- Facebook – (25:00)
I miss the “themed” Q&As, a week about paper, a week about flex nibs, a week about bound notebooks and so on. I can understand why you moved away from brands as weekly topics…but do you have any plans to bring back themes?
  • I don’t know if I see doing whole themed Q&A’s again, unless I did a composite of older Q&A questions
  • It’s a big gamble to claim a theme without knowing what questions will come in
8) Pavel V.- Facebook – (27:21) 
What cartridge has the largest ink capacity? I mean which company does make the cartridges with largest ink capacity… I need a load of ink and cartridges are safe variant for me.
  • Standard international long
  • Waterman
  • Aurora
  • Parker
  • LAMY
  • all are VERY limited in their color options, unless you refill with ink syringe: FP101 Refilling an Ink Cartridge
Paper – (29:39)9) Landon G.- Facebook – (29:43)Hey Brian, love what you do! I’m left handed, and am having trouble finding a good notebook with paper that isn’t super ink resistant but also not super absorbent. I suffer from ink smearing as you’d guess, but like 90 g cotton paper. Is there an alternative?

Troubleshooting – (32:05)10) Ty W.- Facebook – (32:10)

What makes J.Herbin write great in my Sheaffer 100, but Private Preserve skips a lot? More broadly, what makes one ink company different from another in terms of how they write?

  • sometimes different inks perform differently in some pens, hard to know why
  • Herbin is less saturated
  • The saturation matters a lot
  • make sure your pen is cleaned out between inkings
  • paper could make a difference, as well as nib size
11) Po L.- Facebook – (36:22)
If I inked up a large capacity pen, which means I will not use up the ink in a short period, do I still need to clean my pen regularly?

  • it’s never a bad idea
  • clean out at least once a month, even if using the same ink
  • clean out every time you change ink colors
  • when ink sits in a pen for a longtime, the water can evaporate and a more concentrated ink is left, which flows harder
  • use your judgement, if it’s still writing well, then you’re okay
  • if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

QOTW: What are your thoughts on ink cartridges? Love em? Hate em? – (41:15)Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team