As time goes on, manufacturing and shipping costs go up, and there comes a point in time when distributors/importers can no longer absorb these increases and must pass them on to the retailer and thus to the customer. Fortunately these increases for Diamine and Monteverde we’re about to announce are fairly modest, but we recognize they’re still increases which are never fun (for any of us!). We’re giving you a head’s up in case you want to take advantage of the lower prices for the next few days.

Effective April 1, here are some new retail prices you’ll see at


80ml Bottled Inks: $14.95 (originally $12.95)

40ml Anniversary Bottled Inks: $15.95 (originally $15.00)

Anniversary Inks Set of 8: $115.00 (originally $108.00)

Music & Flower Sets: $99.00 (originally $89.00)

30ml Registrar’s Ink: $16.95 (originally $15.50)

100ml Registrar’s Ink: $33.95 (originally $29.75)

30ml Bottled Inks: $7.50 (originally $6.95) — coming soon to Goulet!

Ink Cartridges: $8.50 (originally $7.95) — coming soon to Goulet!
Our 2ml samples will remain $1.25 each for all of the standard colors, and $1.75 for the Registrar’s.


Intima Fountain Pen: $56.00 (originally $52.00)

Prima Fountain Pen: $60.00 (originally $56.00)

Invincia Deluxe Fountain Pen: $99.00 (originally $108.00) — a price decrease! We’ve gone ahead and implemented this new price as of this blog post. ;)

All other Monteverde pens and inks will remain the same price.

That’s all for now! Enjoy your weekend.

Write On,
Rachel Goulet