Ted Turner isn’t the only one to colorize classic movies.

Media Team member and videographer Jenni saw Monday Matchup #37 as a chance to colorize a scene from her favorite flick, the B&W Swedish film “Wild Strawberries,” with Private Reserve Electric DC Blue. We don’t expect the same backlash or criticism that Ted received this time around. In fact, we think it’s a spot-on shade for Director Ingmar Bergman’s flashback-heavy look at regret, mortality, and the search for inner peace. You won’t find any climatic CGI comic book brawls or a post-credit slapstick blooper reel in this winding drive down memory lane.

The pocket-sized Kaweco AL Sport Raw is a great pen to keep beside your own dream journal for  jotting down memories during those fleeting moments of lucidity before sleep claims you once again. The raw aluminum body is built for blind fumbling on the nightstand as each scuff and scratch only helps to build the character of this unique pen. Featuring a screw cap that posts to transform the pen into a full-size writing instrument, the Kaweco only accepts short standard international cartridges.

With the help of this pen, Private Reserve Electric DC Blue (and its appropriate red sheen), a few paint brushes and a couple of Q-tips, Jenni finds a way to haunt our collective dreams for the foreseeable future. Let’s return the favor by asking her to creatively interpret those same dreams :)

The Kaweco AL Sport Raw, available in fine and medium, is available from GouletPens.com for $80, while Private Reserve Electric DC Blue is available in a 12-pack of cartridges for $5.60 (as well as a 66 ml bottle for $11 or an ink sample for $1.25).


Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team