In chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect refers to how relatively insignificant acts — the mere flap of a butterfly’s wing, for example — can cause big ripples down the road for seemingly unrelated phenomena. (Yes, that’s a very elementary description.)
When Sarah, our photographer, put a Delta Unica Fuscia fountain pen and De Atramentis Lilac ink to paper, she illustrated this effect. Sure, you may simply stop and smile at her ability to convey metamorphosis more beautifully than any science textbook, and then move on with your day. But that smile is contagious for everyone from your co-workers to kids. And that little bit of extra confidence can burst free from a cocoon, manifesting itself as anything from random acts of kindness to very intentional acts of friendship and love, and even professional awesomeness.
The Delta Unica Fuscia — that’s how Delta spells the color — is turned from pearlescent rods and accented with polished rhodium-plated trim. De Atramentis Lilac ink is also handcrafted. The Rabindranath Tagore quote reminds us that time is precious and relative. And the butterfly demonstrates that slowly toiling up a branch today could lead to freely flying skyward tomorrow.
The Delta Unica Fuscia is available at for $76. De Atramentis Lilac is available in a 35ml glass bottle for $14.95 and as a 2ml ink sample for $1.45.
Write On,
The Goulet Company Team