A DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor. A phone booth, a worm hole, a hot tub, and Jules Verne’s titular contraption. Now add a Pilot E95s to the list of intriguing time-travel devices.

In this week’s Monday Matchup, Madigan was inspired to take a trip back through time to the ’20s, thanks to the classic, throwback styling of the fountain pen. Her cat may not be roaring, but the decade is. (Some think the pen harkens back to the ’60s; it’s handheld nostalgia either way.)

Diamine Syrah and a brush pen help set our flapper girl awash in anticipation for an evening out on the town. And F. Scott Fitzgerald, literary icon of the Jazz Age, offers up an existential ice breaker that will have dog and cat lovers chomping at the bit to answer.

The Pilot E95s Burgundy/Ivory features a streamlined look, a lightweight feel and an inlaid 14-karat nib that produces mighty smooth writing. It’s a great complement to the Diamine Syrah ink, which would mostly likely be served up at the speakeasy beside some bathtub gin.

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