Not to get too deep, but aren’t we all just little fish swimming around in a bowl, desperately seeking out meaning?

Philosopher Walter Fisher dreamed up the narrative paradigm as a way to explore and explain human communication. In essence, it was the idea that we experience life as stories, that we’re all storytellers, and thus search for meaning accordingly. More or less. We relate to one another through narratives, which explains our need to satisfy any cliffhangers and compulsion to separate the good guys from the bad guys.

Every good goldfish comes with a story. The one you won at the church carnival five years ago, and to this day has avoided the fatal flush. It’s swimming with the fishes but not… swimming with the fishes, if you know what we mean. Or what about that quote from “Big Fish,” a Tim Burton movie about how storytelling can underscore the bond between father and son. That involved some separating of fact from fiction, but this is too short a blog to go fishing around for truth.

That brings us to the LAMY Al-Star CopperOrange (2015 Special Edition) and CopperOrange ink. We know they’re going to help spin some bright tales bursting with vivid detail. This is a pen and an ink with a ton of character. And they have a flare for the dramatic, as Caitlin from our Customer Care team demonstrated in this eye-popping illustration.

The CopperOrange Al-Star is available as a fountain pen for $37.60 and as a rollerball pen for $33.60. LAMY CopperOrange ink is available in a 50ml bottle for $10.50 (we’re expecting more shortly), a 2ml ink sample for $1.25, and in a package of five cartridges for $4.50.


Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team