This year’s 2015 special edition LAMY Safari has been announced, and it is…..



With this bright green pen, LAMY continues the neon streak from the last few years (Neon Coral in 2014, Neon Yellow in 2013). While we haven’t seen this pen in person yet, we’re told that it’s in between the Neon Yellow color from 2013 and the Apple Green color from 2012. From the few pictures we’ve seen online, it looks pretty bright!

LAMY will also be releasing a special edition NeonLime bottled fountain pen ink and set of ink cartridges to match the pen.

We’re expecting the NeonLime fountain pen, rollerball pen, bottled ink, and ink cartridges to arrive within the next two weeks.

What do you think of this year’s color? Will it make it into your collection?

Personally, I’m still rooting for a purple Safari. Maybe 2016? Here’s hoping. :)

Write On,
Rachel Goulet