There has been a lot of talk about De Atramentis Document Inks, and for good reason. They are pretty much a game changer when it comes to using fountain pens for sketching and watercolors. With the rise of the Urban Sketchers movement, and online sketching classes available through Liz Steel and Sketchbook Skool, these inks have been in high demand!

What sets the Document Inks apart from other lightproof and waterproof inks is the ability to mix them together to make a permanent ink in any color. The inks come in Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Blue, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Green, Fuschia, and Fog Grey which makes color opportunities endless! Furthermore, there is also a Dilution Liquid to help with lightening a color to your preferred hue. If you are interested in mixing up your own perfect shade of permanent ink, Jane Blundell, of, has an excellent tutorial on formulas to help you get started.

Want to see some amazing work done using these inks? Check out Liz Steel’s blog and Jane Blundell’s Plein Air Sketches for a little inspiration. With a great fountain pen and a little ink play, you could be sketching up your town in no time!


Have you been using Document Inks in your sketching? Share with us below!

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The Goulet Pen Company Team