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This week I’m taking a trip down memory lane and an actual office journey! I’m answering questions on flex pens for beginners, maintaining your pen maintenance supplies, and letting you in on my reading list. You won’t want to miss this week’s exciting installment of Goulet Q&A!
New/Upcoming Products – (4:01)

  • Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed
  • Kaweco Skyline Sport
  • Monteverde Limonada
  • Restocked on De Atramentis Document ink including Fog Grey and Dilution Liquid
  • Lamy Safari NeonLime coming soon!
  • Monterverde Jewleria and Invicia coming out in new colors!
  • Monteverde Mountains of the World coming soon
  • J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean with gold flecks should be arriving in the next few weeks


Pens/Writing – (7:20)

1) Belemrys- YouTube – (7:25)
What do you believe is a better value? A metropolitan or the 159?

  • that’s really tough!
  • It’d have to be Pilot, honestly
  • both are phenomenal pens, the Pilot is a more reputable brand and has tighter QC
  • Jinhao 159 fits Goulet nibs, more versatile
2) Kristin D.- Facebook – (9:18)
What flex pen is the best for beginners?
  • Noodler’s Ahab
  • bigger = easier to control
  • most reliable of the Noodler’s pens
  • $20, large ink capacity
3) Jan S.- Facebook – (13:45)
Can you use ink syringes to fill twsbi pens? If so, how? If not is there away of getting all of an ink sample in my TWSBI 580 and mini?
  • absolutely
  • unscrew the grip, syringe it right in there, easy!
4) Michael P.- Facebook – (16:07)
What can you tell us about eye dropper pens and unexpected blobs of ink. I have less of that problem when I don’t let the fill get below 50% but that defeats the purpose of the larger capacity. Are nicer pens like the Edison less prone to this problem and, if so, why?
  • it’s often caused by the heat of your hand increasing the temperature (and thus the pressure) of the air inside the pen
  • higher pressure causes ink to blob out
  • all eyedroppers can have this effect, though it’s not a given
  • I hear of it less with Edisons than other pens, perhaps thickness of the material is a factor? =total guess
Ink – (21:33)
5) Kevin T.- Facebook – (21:37)
If you had bottles of any size, what would you say the best bottle size for gifting ink?
  • it’s rare you are choosing an ink purely by its size, there are a lot of other factors to consider
  • my personal favorite size is 50ml, not too much, but enough to fill easily for a while
  • for gifting, presentation matters so something like Pilot Iroshizuku, Pelikan Edelstein, with a pretty bottle (both 50ml)
6) @StephaniePyne87 Twitter – (23:42)
Can you explain pigmented inks & inks w/ iron gall? Additionally, when or why would I want to use them/not use them?
  • great wikipedia page on iron gall inks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_gall_ink
  • iron gall = natural ink that causes permanence through oxidation, is corrosive
  • pigmented = small particulates in the ink that dry on the paper’s surface, can clog pens
  • both have their benefits and drawbacks
  • both are quite permanent, but are higher maintenance than conventional inks
7) Nick W.- Facebook – (28:47)
What is the wettest turquoise you have ever used? I’m searching for a wet turquoise (yet not too light since I use fine nibs) for my Dolcevita
  • Waterman Inspired Blue
  • De Atramentis Pigeon Blue
  • De Atramentic Adular Blue
  • there are certainly others, I just haven’t tried them all
Paper – (30:03)
8) boogabooman- YouTube – (30:08) 
What notebook would you recommend that i would be able to carry around with me.
  • Midori Traveler’s Notebook, great system but is an investment
  • Filofax, very versatile, paper isn’t the absolute best
  • Rhodia Webnotebook, is awesome though lacks versatility and special features
  • Leuchtturm, great colors, nice paper, lots of pages

Personal – (35:14)
9) Brandon Magoon- YouTube – (35:19)
Brian! Do you have any favorite authors? What are your favorite titles? Respect to you man!
  • I’m an avid reader of business/non-fiction
  • I’m VERY utilitarian, I don’t learn for knowledge, I learn for action
  • Gary Vaynerchuck, Crush It
  • Seth Godin, The Dip
  • Dave Ramsey, EntreLeadership
  • John Maxwell, Complete 101 series
  • Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage
  • John Miller, QBQ
  • Michael Gerber, E-Myth revisited
  • Sarah Petty, Worth Every Penny
  • Norm Abrams, Measure Twice Cut Once
10) Haba jiba- YouTube – (45:13)
Brian, do you think you’ll show these videos to your kids in the future?
  • why not? time, probably
  • they’ll surely get a kick out of it, but I’d be amazed if they really watch it a lot later on in life
11) Kevin L.- Facebook – (47:32)
How do you organize your stored fountain pens, by brand, color, nib size, filling system, or something else?
  • I wish I was that organized!
  • one big container for my pens, arranged somewhat by brand, but not really much
  • carry a case with me, not really organized at all
  • no insights to be gained here, other than you can feel better about yourself ;)
Troubleshooting – (50:06)
12) Eric O.- Facebook – (50:10)
You talk a lot about pen maintenance, but what about maintaining your maintenance tools? Should I put silicone grease on my ink syringe’s plunger? Should I bleach a ink syringe’s plastic barrel?
  • good question!
  • serious maintenance isn’t really required, everything’s pretty straightforward
  • greasing the plunger is a great idea, even when new
  • shouldn’t be a need to bleach anything, maybe the inside of a bulb syringe very now and then at the most (clean thoroughly after though)
  • not really anything else
QOTW: What do you think of my new office? – (53:25)
Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate it! Be sure to check here if there are any old Q&A’s that you missed.
Write On,
Brian Goulet