Even with the whole Goulet family out sick this week, we didn’t want to leave you without a bit of Goulet Q&A. We’ve lined up some sweet slices for you in place of our normal Q&A. Hopefully, these will tide you over until Brian is up and running at full steam! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week. We’ll answer a selection of them in our next Open Forum. Now sit back, relax and enjoy…


Goulet Q&A Slice: What Notebook or Loose Leaf Paper is Good for High School and College Students?

What notebook / loose leaf paper is good for High School / College Students?

  • Clairefontaine

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Goulet Q&A Slice: What are some Fountain Pen Inks for Students?

What are some fountain pen inks for students, with the criteria being that the ink behaves well on cheaper paper, is not too expensive, and is at least somewhat conservative in color (wouldn’t want to be handing in apache sunset to a professor). So far the only ink I have found that fits these criteria is Noodler’s Black, but I would like to find others.

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Goulet Q&A Slice: What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Baystate Blue Stains?

What is the best way to get rid of Baystate Blue stains–on/in a pen, on hands, on clothes, on the kitchen counter?

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Goulet Q&A Slice: Which Noodler’s Models do not have the Smell?

About Noodler’s, which models do not have the smell, so I may buy some. How do you get rid of the smell if they do?

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Goulet Q&A Slice: What is your Recommendation on Cleaning a Con-70 Converter?

What is your recommendation on cleaning a Con-70 converter?

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Goulet Q&A Slice: What are Your Thoughts on Ink Mixing/Dilution in General?

What are your thoughts on ink mixing/dilution in general? What are brands/techniques to avoid?

  • Mixing within brands is usually cool
  • Some inks have vastly different properties like Noodler’s need to be careful (Baystate)
  • Good to mix:
    • Platinum Mix-Free
    • Private Reserve
    • conventional Noodler’s inks
    • Waterman
    • Sheaffer
  • Always mix in small quantities
  • Let set for few hours to see reaction

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Goulet Q&A Slice: Do Certain Nib Manufacturers Consistently Run Larger or Smaller?

Are there any rules if thumb about relative nib sizes? Like, do certain manufacturers consistently run larger or smaller? Do nibs from, say, Germany or Japan tend to be wider or narrower than the same size nibs from elsewhere?

  • Japanese are typically ground finer in the EF and F nibs than European (German)
  • M and B nibs are usually fairly comparable
  • varies by pen, check Nib Nook for comparison of specific pens

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Goulet Q&A Slice: What is the Dollar Threshold For Pens and Writing Performance?

What do you think is the dollar threshold where a fountain pen’s writing performance does not get any better if you spend more money. For example does a $100 pen write as good as you’re likely to get regardless of what you spend.

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Goulet Q&A Slice: Could You Give Us a List of Pens that Use a #6 Nib?

Brian, could give us a list (written or off the top of your head) of pens that use a #6 nib? Or do you have a way of knowing what sized nib is on a pen?

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Goulet Q&A Slice: What’s a Good Ratio of Water Dilution to Reduce the Feathering?

What’s a good ratio of water dilution to ink to reduce the feathering of Baystate Blue and other inks?

  • using distilled water, start at about 10% dilution, won’t change the color noticeably
  • the higher the dilution, the more watery the color (duh)
  • go to about 25% and see how you feel
  • mix in SMALL batches, 3-5ml at a time if you can

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Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team