The King of the Jungle. The Mane Man. Big Cat. Call them what you like, but no matter the name, lions dominate the food chain and the literature landscape, from antelope to zebras and Narnia to Oz.
This week the Cowardly Lion sits atop the Monday Matchup throne, with some help from Madigan on our Media Team, a Conklin Duragraph Amber in Stub and Private Reserve Shoreline Gold. The Duragraph is as timeless as the tale of Dorothy, Toto, the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow. And if you don’t have a Triple Cross medal or Wizard available to provide a needed dose of courage, the big and bold Duragraph will most certainly get the job done.  Meanwhile, the Shoreline Gold ink provides just the right amount of ferocity.
If you find yourself getting lost in a Monday Matchup daydream as you gaze upon the lion’s lush mane and wise words, just tap your nib to paper three times and repeat after us, “There’s no place like Goulet…”
The Conklin Duragraph Amber in Stub  is available on for $44.
Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team