There is nothing subdued or quiet about the Monteverde Regatta Sport Rose Gold. In fact, this limited edition fountain pen borders on the ridiculous with the sheer size and bling it brings to the table. And we happen to like that.

Weighing in at 50g, this is not a pen built for extended journaling sessions or small-handed writers. It’s built to make a statement, or two, before taking a brief rest. There are a number of unique features that complement the Regatta Sport Rose Gold’s flashy first impression. The first of these is a pair of carbon fiber bands on the pen’s barrel and cap, making for an eye-catching accent. There there is the magnetic cap, which clicks when posted or capped so easily that you’ll likely find yourself playing with the pen and showing off this neat feature.

The Regatta Sport Rose Gold comes with a black nib, available in fine, medium, broad, and as a 1.1 mm stub nib. It writes a bit dry and with medium smoothness. Sometimes we hear about Monteverde’s nibs writing a little dry, and if that’s the case with yours then the tines may be a bit tight so feel free to press down on them a little to open up the flow.

The pen accepts a standard international converter as well as short and long standard international cartridges. The Regatta Sport Rose Gold comes with a threaded Monteverde converter, as well as one short black and one short blue cartridge.

Being a limited edition pen, it’s engraved with a number between 1 and 999. The Regatta Sport Rose Gold Limited Edition may not be the most practical pen for every occasion, but it’s built to be a VIP in the boardroom, the back of a limousine, or wherever there is someone to impress. (That’s why it’s one of our Top 7 Power Pens.)

The Regatta Sport Rose Gold Limited Edition is available at for $100.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team