When you’re a mile high and looking to channel creatively or merely fly through to-do lists, it feels good to write in first class. Not the section or cabin — the notebook.

Midori recently announced their newest special edition of the Traveler’s Notebook – the Blue edition. Suffice to say, it’s classy and features some fun flight-themed customization options. This will be launched in the regular size of the Traveler’s Notebook.

The blue leather cover isn’t the only special edition product by Midori…. it will be also accompanied by a special collection of accessories all themed after PanAm, the historic U.S. airline. While the Traveler’s Notebook didn’t exist during the era of PanAm, you can almost imagine the stewardesses and pilots carrying these notebooks on their travels (photoshopped image below).

Among the themed accessories, you’ll find two refills (one in graph and one in blank), a zippered pocket insert, two sets of themed stickers (one themed after the PanAm globe logo, the other after the PanAm wings logo), and a blue pen holder with the PanAm logo.

All the PanAm accessories are pictured here
The two notebook refills – one in graph and one with blank pages – are outfitted with PanAm airline graphics of the era.
The zippered pocket insert can hold all kinds of things in the large pocket on the left, and various business cards on the right.
Two sets of PanAm-themed stickers help you customize your Traveler’s Notebook to match your personal style.
The PanAm themed pen holder matches the blue leather and keeps your pen snug.

The Blue Edition TN and the PanAm accessories were released in Japan earlier this month, but it won’t be arriving into the United States (a.k.a. Goulet Pens) until sometime closer to May. Make sure you sign up for our email notification list on each of these product’s pages to be the first to know when they hit our shelves.

So what do you think, does the Blue/PanAm edition strike your fancy?

Write On,
The Goulet Company Team