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I’m back from vacation and ready to tackle your toughest fountain pen questions. I’m answering questions on Monday Matchup entries, vegan pen storage options, and my bike! Need help convincing someone to switch to fountain pens? I’ve got some advice on that as well. Relax, unwind, and spend some time talking fountain pens with me.

New/Upcoming Products – (3:37)

Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst- sold out currently but we’re getting more!

TWSBI 580Al Purple
Lamy Al-Star & Filofax Notebook Gift Set
J.Herbin Glass Pens
Lamy CopperOrange ink
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Blue– coming next week!


Pens/Writing – (8:13
1) Joven Chiew- YouTube – (8:31)
I often see people referred the E95s style of nib as inset rather than inlaid. The inlaid suppose be integrated as part of the section fused together as a single unit. Is that correct?
  • technically yes, I believe that’s right
  • Richard Binder’s glossary defines it this way, he knows a lot about nibs so I’d say take his word on it!
  • I may have misspoken out of ignorance myself
2) justin reinsma- YouTube – (10:47)
How are cross pens? I’ve picked up an aventura from the store close to me, and for 40 bucks I’m not sure I’ve scored a good deal?
  • I don’t have a lot of experience with the Aventura, or Cross in general
  • We’ve recently become a Cross authorized retailer
  • not sure how much we’re going to expand into them, but we definitely will
  • known a lot for their rollerballs, corporate crowds
  • could consider getting into branded/personalized stuff
3) @DrWesLindsey- Twitter  – (15:20)
My fiancée has beautiful handwriting. Can’t get her to use a FP. What’s your best pitch 4 a fountain pen skeptic?
  • you’ll never convince a skeptic to “use” fountain pens, ongoing
  • you CAN convince them to TRY your fountain pen
  • lead by example, write with yours and use interesting inks, stub nibs or flex nibs that show off your writing
  • encourage her to try a pen of yours you know writes really well, is smooth, and has an ink color she’d like
  • really, the ink will draw her in
  • she has to want it for herself to make it happen
  • it may not happen, but that’s okay

4) Tim F.- Facebook – (20:29)

I’m a vegan, so I don’t use leather at all. I have the Monteverde case to store my pens at home, but I’m still searching for a solution to toss one or two pens in a case in my bag for the day. Any ideas? Would you consider stocking non-leather pen carry options?
  • I don’t know specifically of any off-hand, no brands I carry have any non-leather slips
  • Etsy has a LOT of different ones
  • You could make one yourself, out or denim, ballistic nylon, felt, velvet, you name it
Paper – (22:49)
5) Mike C. – Facebook   – (22:55)
I volunteer at a non-profit…we use steno pads for a lot of work. They are not fountain pen compatible. Do you know of any that are?
  • GouletPens.com, top menu click “Paper, Notebooks
  • left nav under “binding orientation” click “top
  • Results here
  • Rhodia top-staplebound pads (with pad holders)
  • Rhodia/Clairefontane top-wirebounds
  • likely won’t find something that fits perfectly in the pad holder you have, these are Euro sizes

Business – (25:23)

6) Kenneth McGeechan- YouTube – (25:26)
Is there any Goulet employee that is still using a ballpoint pen?

  • not if they want to keep working here (joking)
  • sure, we’re not ridiculous about that
  • we do give a pen to everyone hired after their 90-day intro period
  • free ink samples (within reason)
  • always encouraged to try new pens when we get them in
  • most everyone gets into FP’s, surely it doesn’t translate to every aspect of their writing life
  • really impactful, Pilot G2’s! Everyone uses those
7) Todd L.- Facebook – (26:16)
How many people are entering the ‪#‎mondaymatchupgiveaway‬ each week? Do you find it fluctuates depending on what is offered? Just wondering what my odds were of winning.
  • it can vary quite a bit, and has been growing pretty rapidly in the last couple of months
  • getting around 150 entries each week now
  • the more expensive the pen, the more people enter for sure
  • winner is truly random, so you just have to follow the rules and you’ll be entered
  • it’s not hard to enter, and really the goal is to get people interested and excited to share their stuff and view others’
  • it’s great to give people a reason to pull out their pens
8) Po L.- Facebook – (35:50)
I would like to ask will you consider adding an option “Do not include sticker & bookmark in my package” for Goulet customers. Well, I am not saying that it is not a good idea. I love it when I get it for the first time I received the package. However, when I keep purchasing from Goulet, I got more and more stickers & bookmarks. I don’t want to throw them away.
  • likely not, though I understand this is something a fair number of folks would prefer
  • we do get a lot of new customers, and having a checkbox like that would be kind of confusing
  • more importantly, it’s custom development we’d have to pay to have that put in there, and it’s too expensive
  • put a note about it in your order comments and we’re happy to honor it (ask for extra Tootsie Pops instead)
  • really though, give them away! They’re marketing pieces, we want them to be shared : )

Personal – (39:35)

9) Jan T.- Facebook – (39:45)
What fountain pens does Rachel prefer (her top 5 and 3 everyday carry) and why? Her favorite inks?

10) Cathy F.- Facebook – (41:07)
While you were gone, Margaret asked us all about what pens we carry when traveling. So which pens did you and Rachel take to “the happiest place
on earth”?
11) Keith W.- Facebook – (46:41)
Brian, tell us about your bike.
QOTW: What’s your pitch for when you’re trying to get someone else into fountain pens?  – (49:34)Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate
it! Be sure to check here if there are any old Q&A’s that you
missed.Write On,
Brian Goulet