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I’m out of the office this week at the EntreLeadership summit but I’ve still got a great Q&A for you! I’m answering questions on how to protect your pens from heat, what to do if your ink lid cracks, and our “Special Orders” department. No product updates but I’m happy to be spending some time with you!Pens/Writing – (1:52):

1) William S. – Facebook – (1:56))

Alright since my Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball Pen has already failed.  What is a good replacement?

  • Not much, sadly
  • refillable rollerballs have been an interesting prospect, but just haven’t lived up in my opinion
  • only other options I know are J. Herbin (cheap) rollerball and Monteverde Engage or Inkwell (much higher price)
  • refillable rollerballs = jack of all trades, master of none
2) Matthew M. -Facebook – (4:50)

I inherited a Parker 45 desk pen with a marble stand from my grandfather. However, the pen is always dried up after a week or so in the stand. Any suggestions on how to prevent a desk pen from drying out?

  •  cut a small piece of sponge, wet it, and put it in the ‘cap’ to use as a tiny humidor
  • no other tricks really, just us the pen often or clean/refill it every week
  • may want to try a lubricated ink (Monteverde), might make a difference
3) Deborah P. -Facebook – (8:13)

Do you advise any special care for pens during extremely hot weather?

  • try to keep them out of the heat :)
  • they will dry out, so keeping them sealed up well and out of direct sunlight will be key
  • be diligent with your pen cleaning so ink won’t dry out
  • keep them in some kind of sleeve/case
4) @cuchlann -Twitter – (10:27)

I’m looking for a cursive style to learn with an Ahab. It seems a lot of popular cursive styles need an offset nib. Any ideas?

  • “real” calligraphy with dip pens often uses offset nibs, there is no offset fountain pen nib
  • if going with a fountain pen, using a pen like the Ahab with a flex nib will very much be a suitable substitute
  • Check out thepostmansknock.com “Kaitlin style” here
5) @SebMorissette – Twitter – (12:58)

Brian, from your experience, what is the best $125-ish fountain pen money can buy? + available nibs for that pen.

Ink – (15:29):

6) David T. – Facebook – (15:32)

Is it my imagination, or do the De Atramentis Document inks have the most spread on paper? Can you talk a little about inks that spread or don’t spread and can you do anything to minimize it?

  • yeah, they definitely are absorbed quickly into the paper
  • this isn’t all bad, it means they dry a lot quicker
  • getting less absorbent paper or using a finer nib helps
  • fast-drying inks often spread more, many permanent or lubricated ones do, too
7) @goharosen – Twitter – (17:28)

I purchased bottle of ink with a cracked lid. Should I pour it to some other container? Does the container need to be airtight?

  • yeah, definitely get that thing in another container
  • it’s gotta be airtight, or else the water will evaporate and will ultimately leave the ink unusable

Business – (19:39):

8) Donna M. – Facebook – (19:43)

Can you please tell your customers about your very fine “Special Order Department.” They bent over backwards to get a beautiful Sagaris for me that was not listed on your site. I am so thrilled with it and grateful!

  • yes, we definitely do this
  • All the brands you see on our site are what we can special order
  • some exceptions include items that are exclusive to certain countries/regions
  • we don’t charge any premium to special order, email info@gouletpens.com if you are interested in anything in particular

Personal – (22:18):

9) Sam F. – Facebook – (22:21)

I’ve watched every Q&A, but I have a terribly memory Brian:  What’s your favorite pen out of your collection that Goulet Pens doesn’t carry?

  • Visually, Namiki Blue Impressions
  • Writability, Waterman Carene

Troubleshooting – (25:38):

10) Vasilis M. Facebook – (25:48)

I’ve watched the video showing how the Pilot Con-50 disassembles. However, I’ve tried doing it myself with rubber gloves on and the thing won’t move a bit. What’s up with that? Is this a case like the Metropolitan nib removal, which has recently become more difficult to perform (i.e. to remove the nib) than what it was some time ago? Have they changed the glue used to keep the different parts together? I am waiting for a couple of goulet grips, hoping that they’ll give me better leverage.

  • yes, it still works, you just have to “hulk out” and it’ll give!
11) Sarah C. – Facebook – (28:05)

My Lamy Safari keeps leaking in its cap. Could my converter be dying? It’s a few years old.

  • That could certainly be the case
  • there could be a lot of other causes of the leak though
  • if you have a cartridge handy, try that and see if it still does it
  • inspect the converter, see if you see cracks or anything
  • does it seat well on the pen?
  • It’s a $4.95 converter, it’s probably safe just to replace it if the leak is bad
12) Emily B. – Facebook – (31:40)

I use a Lamy Safari, but the grip is weird and I can’t hold it correctly. I tried to use the grip but then my writing was scratchy. How can I hold the pen and write without scratchiness?

  • This pen is made to be held in a very specific way (one might say the ‘proper’ way)
  • try changing positions/grips in your hand, see if it still feels scratchy
  • it could be the nib is just scratchy and has nothing to do with your grip
  • some folks just don’t like the grip and go with a different pen altogether, you might be there
13) Simdhuja M. -Facebook – (34:29)

Hello Brian! I have been watching videos about Platinum Cool lately and just thought of a hack. If we could somehow cover the metal joint between nib section and barrel from inside with the cut part of the cartridge converter, then probably we could make it an eyedropper. Please confirm how practical it is to cut out the converter to layer the metal part?

  • that is quite literally a hack!
  • if you wanted to do this, I’d try it with a cartridge instead of the converter
  • you’d need to put a lot of silicone grease on the threads of the grip where the body sits on
  • there’s still exposed metal to cover, but it could definitely be worth a try

QOTW: When you travel, what are your favorite pens to take with you (and why)? – (39:21)

Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate
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