Some folks prefer predictability. It’s why casual dining chains, khaki pants and Honda Civics abound in the ‘burbs and beyond. But other times, you need to shake it up. That’s why Casual Friday, Polaroid pictures and Monday Matchup exist.

For this week’s Monday Matchup, we’re featuring a verse from poet Bob Hicok that embraces this fresh thinking. A collegiate poetry professor of Madigan from our Media Team — the one who penned this luscious Monday Matchup — Hicok clearly imagines a world turned sideways. In a world gone mad — where Boise trades its famous spuds for sweeping, soft emerald lawns — anything is possible.

Madigan creates a fitting spring arrangement with her Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen Pink Pearl Medium and De Atramentis Violets ink, framing up a verse that puts creativity in full bloom. Just one question: how can you make the classic Bronx soundbite “fugetaboutit” pass the smell test?

Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen Pink Pearl Medium is available at for $51.20, while De Atramentis Violets is available in a 35ml bottle for $14.95 or as a 2ml ink sample for $1.45.


Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team