Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.In this week’s Q&A, Brian finally gives an update on the TWSBI Eco, talks about erasable inks, and why you might want to think twice about shoving a kitchen knife in between your nib tines. Enjoy!

‏1) @chevchelios069 – Twitter – (5:52)

@GouletPens Hey Brian, any news related to the TWSBI Eco? Is there like an approximate release date?

  • yup! TWSBI just put on their Facebook page
  • mid-late July!
  • under $30, piston filler
  • very exciting, we’ll surely sell out quickly
2) Sam F. – Facebook – (7:29)

I’m pulling the trigger on an OMAS Arte Italiana Vision on Friday. I think it’d be a shame to NOT get the EF, extra-flexible (and I love nibs with flex). On the other hand, I don’t want to be so worried about springing the tines that I’m scared to do everyday writing with it.  Exactly how careful do you have to be with those nibs?

  •  it’s VERY soft, too soft for me
  • as an everyday pen, I think I might discourage you from it unless you have a really light touch
  • the 18k nib is pretty soft as is!
3) Ann T. – Facebook- (11:01)

I really like my pilot metropolitan fine nib pens. I’ve tried some “”next level”” pens but have ended  up being unhappy with the grip section’s shape,  or nib or weight or length of the pens. Am I missing out if I end my quest for the perfect pen (for me) with the metropolitan? Do you have any recommendations for other pens that are most similar to the metropolitans? Thanks!

  • if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
  • there’s nothing wrong with loving your Metro, focus on ink/paper to enhance your writing experience for a while
  • eventually you’ll want to branch out again, but don’t force it
  • there’s always more Metros in new colors (later this year) or other nicer Pilot pens like the Custom 74 (big upgrade though)
4) Jake A. – Facebook – (16:46)
Are the Noodler’s replacement flex nibs proprietary to those pens, or could i slap one on a Jinhao and get my flex on?

  • they’re not proprietary, they’re #6 size which is used on several different pens
  • Jinhao is the one where it’s a really struggle to fit it
Paper – (20:19)
5) ‏@TweetNafi – Twitter – (20:45)
Can we expect new notebooks and new planners in the coming months? I’m looking for a planner that can take fp ink.
  • we don’t have a huge selection, just Rhodia and Leuchtturm
  • JUST got in the Rhodia Webplanners
  • in general planners are not great with FP ink, they’re made to absorb/dry quickly for ‘on the go’
6) Amanda A. – Facebook – (24:20)

What do you think of cotton paper?

  • I don’t have vast experience with it, mainly just Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton
  • feels really nice in the hand
  • a little draggy on the nib, that’s how it’s supposed to be
  • lose a lot of shading and vibrancy of the ink, which is okay for some inks and some people really like that
  • overall not my favorite but I’ll use it every now and then
Ink – (28:38)
7) 林理谙 – Facebook – (28:44)

Can you sell erasable inks/ink erasers? Which inks can be erased? Can you ask Nathan to see if he would make ink eraser fluid?

  • I don’t know how interested Nathan would be in that, he’s all about permanence!
  • the only ‘erasable’ ink I know is Pilot Frixion, which is a ballpoint pen/ink that’s pretty cool
  • it technically doesn’t erase, just changes the chemical makeup to make it clear through heat/friction
  • I don’t know of any FP ink that does this, or even could
8) Joshua T. – Facebook – (34:33)
If you haven’t already, can you discuss “fast dry” inks? What are your favorites? What are the pitfalls of some of these?
  • in general, I don’t like them personally
  • I don’t have a need for the fast-dry feature most of the time, and the tradeoff is too high for me (desaturated color and lack of shading)
  • Noodler’s Bernankes are pretty good, dull colors though
9) Roberto A. – YouTube – (36:51)

In the last Q&A you explained the difference between Noodlers black and black eel (lubricant), do you know what is different in the x-feather? Thank you!!!

  • probably #3 Noodler’s Black to Black and Heart of Darkness
  • it’s thicker, so it helps with feathering, sure, but it also works well for dip pens
  • long dry time is the drawback
Business – (39:42)
10) Jay K. – Facebook – (39:53)
Have you looked into fixed-interval discounts for repeat customers? A website recently gave me a 3-day coupon for a recent birthday and I thought it was a nice touch. If you don’t have the user’s birthday you could key off of their first order, etc.
  • yeah, I’ve toyed with the idea
  • it’s appealing, part of why we wanted to switch sites late last year
  • still something we’re talking about, may be an option in the future
11) @inkywrist –Twitter – (43:41)

As someone who placed two orders this week, does your team ever start to recognize names that come through often?

  • Oh certainly
  • it kind of depends though, especially on how unique your name or address is!
  • interesting order comments help us remember you too :)
  • sometimes we don’t realize just how much we actually interact with you b/c of different s/n for different platforms

Troubleshooting – (47:47)

12) Alex S. – Facebook – (47:51)

I bought a Pilot Custom 92 recently and I LOVE this pen. That 14kt nib is awesome. This is my first pen over $50 and I’m terrified of posting the cap for fear of it scratching up the barrel. Is there really any concern or am I being over-dramatic?

  • it’s an expensive pen, I get it!
  • it’s like getting a new car, you worry about getting that first little scratch or ding
  • eventually, you might get some element of physical wear on it, and then it won’t seem so bad :)
  • no, posting won’t hurt this pen, you’ll be okay
13) Ricky J. – Facebook – (53:28)
How can we increase the ink flow on Pilot 78G Medium nib? I had a really dry flow and I took the pen apart and decided to run kitchen knife through the slit in the feed….should I do it again and try shaving a little to make that slit a little bit wider? (Also….Parker quink sucks lol).
  • oy vey! yeah, don’t use a kitchen knife!
  • spreading the tines with any knife isn’t my approach
  • flossing tines with brass sheet can help clean it, often all that’s needed
  • there’s a difference between a pen that writes drier than it should and cleaning it back to it’s original glory, and taking a pen that’s naturally dry and altering it to make it wetter than intended
  • not sure where this lands, but with the knife you’re getting into alteration instead of just maintenance
  • Quink is super-dry, so just switching inks might make you happy!
QOTW: Do you have an intro-level pen that you just always keep going back to? – (59:48)

Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate it! Be sure to check here if there are any old Q&A’s that you missed.

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Brian Goulet