For time innumerable, man has tried to measure moments, to place markers, and schedule meetings. To distinguish the space between now and later, we developed the sun dial, the Egyptian water clock, the Saxon candle clock, and eventually, the iWatch. As timing became more and more important we developed better and better ways to measure and account for it.

Jenni uses a Rohrer & Klingner Glass Dip Pen and Noodler’s Antietam ink to draw a now antiquated time piece- a beautiful mechanical clock. Hands that are usually sweeping time around the this lovely face are frozen for your viewing pleasure. Albert Einstein’s quote on time makes us remember that while relative, time passes for a reason.

How do we measure time here at Goulet? Perhaps in lines drawn, letters written, and ink spilled.

Rohrer & Klingner Glass Dip Pen – Blue/Gold is available at for $30. Noodler’s Antietam is available in a 3oz bottle for $12.50 or ink sample for $1.25.



Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team