Monday Matchup #54: Parker Urban Premium Golden Pearl Medium with De Atramentis Gold

Don’t we all
have favorite places to be? For some it might be a specific location,
and for others the answer may simply be outside or at home. The location
may differ, but often the feeling is the same. We long to be in places
that show beauty, hold meaning and make memories for us. The places
where we feel most alive, known and at peace.

this week’s Monday Matchup, Product Photographer Sarah takes us to the
Huascarán mountain in Peru. Watching the sunrise with her coffee in
hand, this is one of her favorite places in the world. The Anita Desai
quote also reminds us that places hold memories, and those stay with us

Where do you feel alive, known and at peace? Wherever it is, take your fountain pen along.
The Parker Urban Premium Golden Pearl is available at for $63.20. De Atramentis Gold is available in a 35 ml bottle for $12.95 as well as in a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.  
Write on, 
The Goulet Pen Company Team
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  • Beautiful work Sarah. Coffee sounds absolutely necessary right now. I love the fountain pen and ink combo. Another great Monday Matchup. Have a great day.

  • Tom Johnson

    Sara, this is so beautiful, and so very true. Less than 10% of people on the earth live in sight of mountains. We never knew we would miss the Blue Ridge Mountains so much until we moved away from Lynchburg. After 12 years we returned and love seeing mountains in the distance, never get tired of them. Thanks for such a special Monday Matchup Sarah! Nice looking pen and the ink is stunning.

  • Kathy

    Sarah, it just isn't fair for one person to have your talents! Your photography is always stunning, and this beautiful pen/ ink combo showcases more of your artistic ability! Thanks for a cheery Monday greeting!

  • Madigan

    Hi Kenny! This is a gorgeous match. Hope you found that cup of coffee. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Hi Tom! Every time I've lived abroad, I've missed the mountains. I didn't know that statistic though! That's really interesting. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Sarah is incredible! We're lucky to have her on the GPC team. 🙂

  • Tom Johnson

    Madigan, now that I think on it, I believe what I read was that less than 10% of the earth is mountains, and most people who don't travel never see mountains in their lifetime. It came from the book "A Scientist at 10,000 Feet" that I read some 25 years ago. Great book by the way. Something spiritual and humbling about mountains.

  • Indira

    Wow, this is beautiful. Feels so warm and calming. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Madigan

    Glad you like it, Indira! 🙂