0:49 – Features
1:37 – Filling Mechanism
2:54 – How It Writes
5:46 – Comparable Pens
11:35 – Hand Rotation

The Pilot Vanishing Point has been a universally loved fountain pen for some time. The unique design and retractable nib make this one of the most popular writing instruments in the fountain pen world.

Well, there’s even more exciting things to come for the Pilot Vanishing Point. Pilot has announced that the VP will soon be available with a stub nib! I got my hands on one a few months back and I can’t wait to show you how this nib writes. We don’t have it on GouletPens.com quite yet, but we know that it’s coming in both a rhodium and black plated 18k nib in July.


What do you think about the Pilot Vanishing Point stub nib? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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Brian Goulet