We’re well into June now, which means many of you are loading up the family minivan and hitting the road this Summer. If your life is anything like mine, going on vacation with kids, even to the beach, is not exactly relaxing! But I talked with my team about some of their vacations (which often include a lot of downtime!) to get an idea about how they use fountain pens when they travel. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a few days seaside to slow down and write out your reflections, thoughts, and dreams! Here are our suggestions of products to take with you on your beach vacation…


LAMY Safari 

  • Widely known as a ‘workhorse’ pen
  • Swappable nibs that you could take with you, EF-B, italics
  • Lightweight, durable
  • Easy for a purse, pocket, backpack, beach tote bag, whatever!
  • Can take LAMY cartridges or ink samples with you if you get a converter

Platinum Preppy

  • Inexpensive plastic pen with a surprisingly reliable nib
  • If you lose it or drop it, it is a low investment pen.
  • Eyedropper, cartridge, or converter (separate)
  • Traveling with family? This is a good one to let others try out.
  • Not the most durable, so don’t abuse it

Pilot Metropolitan Rollerball

  • Great as a backup pen or primary if you have a journal you’re already using with absorbent paper in it
  • Uses the popular Pilot G2 .7mm “medium” refill, writes awesome
  • Durable and well-balanced Metropolitan body


Field Notes- 3.5”x5.5″

  • Good for keeping around in your shirt or pants pocket, very unobtrusive
  • Flexible cover
  • Lays flat
  • Rugged
  • Dot grid, graph, or lined
  • Different seasonal cover colors are available, or get black regularly

Rhodia Webnotebook

  • More for a dedicated journal or diary
  • Outstanding paper quality
  • Blank, dot, or lined paper
  • Orange, Black, Silver, Purple, Chocolate, Poppy Red, Sapphire, Turquoise
  • A5 size 5.5”x8.25″


Quo Vadis Habana

  • 6.25”x9.25″
  • Several bright and fun cover colors
  • Great off-white paper made by Clairefontaine, lined and blank
  • Dot grid ruling
  • Slightly larger, slightly thinner, very comfortable to write in


Summer vacation is a great time to try some of that “fun” ink you’ve had your eye on. It’s totally okay to step away from your normal browns and blacks and go kind of… well, crazy. Pick out some colors you’ve never tried and take some samples with you when you head out of town! A few that we recommend are:

Noodler’s Saguaro Wine

Diamine Hope Pink

Diamine Sunset


Are you headed to the beach this Summer? What things will you be taking with you? Let me know in the comments below.

Write on, 
Brian Goulet